Lee Pro 1000 Press

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by hillbillygrunt, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Im looking into getting one. Looking for opinions on them. Would be loading 45 acp exclusively. Any help would be greatly applicated.
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    This is a thread on how to live with one, not so much why to buy one. The press is obviously problematic, but for those with talent for tinkering, it can be a low cost alternative. Mine seems to excel at 9mm. No experience with rifle but I suspect it would do well enough on .223. I do my .45 on the Hornady, which is a dream by comparison and not big money for one caliber.

    I don't do .40 S&W on the Lee because it is in between sizes of case feeding tubes. Small=9mm and Large=.45. The larger Lee press works well enough for .40 and certainly the Hornady does to. I just prefer to have a dedicated setup rather than to writeoff equipment from which I have upgraded.
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    Look at a Redding, Lyman, Hornady or RCBS press instead. you'll be glad you did.