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    I'm about to get into reloading and I'm figuring starting costs. I was on JG Sales to see how much the Lee 50th Anniversary Kit was ($125) and then I saw the Lee Breechblock Challenger Press ($125) and was wondering what the difference was. It looks as if the Challenger has more stuff to it. Which one would be better for a beginner like me? Thanks for all feedback.
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    So you're looking for a bench press and not a hand press?
    Because I bought the Lee hand press kit a while back.
    with it I bought the Lee safety scale, Lee perfect powder measure, a Lee zip trim, and a deluxe die kit.
    The hand press requires a little more effort when popping out the used primers and such, but it works very well.
    When using anything make sure you have a coating of lubricant on the brass, because if it gets stuck in the press you'll have to buy the tool to remove it. I would recommend the Lee brand because, as you can tell, I really stand by a brand who has yet to fail me in any area.

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    My very first press was a Lee Turret press & I loaded a ton of .38 & .357 mags on it. I still have a Lee Turret press albeit a newer model but it works real well.