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Read 'The ABC's of Reloading' before you go any further. It will explain everything you need to know about the reloading process. This is a very rewarding and fun craft, but also very dangerous too. We measure down to .001" and weigh powder to within .1 grain. If a mistake is made, a gun, and perhaps you can be blown up. I met a gentleman this summer that did exactly that. He bought a progressive loader as his first machine and without any knowledge of reloading ammo blew up his SA XD. Blew up the slide and blew a chunk out of the frame. Some how he wasn't hurt. I would recommend the Lyman and Lee manuals since they have alot of good load info and reloading instruction. The powder mfrs. have free books you can get at sporting goods stores and their websites have the latest up-to-date load data. The press you showed is a 'C' frame press and can flex when used for heavy resizing or swaging operations. an 'O' frame press is much stronger and won't be prone to flex or breakage. The Lee challenger is and 'O' frame that is a good press for someone on a budget, or just starting out. It's only a few dollars more than the one in your pic. I used one for many years before upgrading to a RCBS Rockchucker. As stated earlier, is a good source of instructional videos, is another. A reloaders kit would probably be the best way to get the majority of the equip. that you need. Then you can piece together the rest. The ABC's of Reloading will cover everything you need and what it is used for. And, don't be afraid to ask questions.
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