Lee Pacesetter 3-Die Set for 223 rem.

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    Does anyone have expirence with the Lee Pacesetter 3-die rifle set.i believe it comes with a full length sizing die/decapping die,a bullet seating die with roll crimp and a factory crimp die . I think it also comes with a shell holder, powder dipper, and load data. I'm new to reloading so I bought a simple lee single stage press to get the feel for it, I also bought the lee Pacesetter 3 die set for 223 rem. I bought the lee ram priming unit and the lee case trimmer I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I need anythingu else besides brass bullets powder primers a powder scale ect, or is this all I need to start reloading
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    Primer pocket cleaner. Some means to clean the cases. Dial caliber. Case trimmer (you will need to trim .223). Sizing lube (Imperial sizing wax is my favorite, and I have used dozens of different things). Chamfering tool.

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    I have been using the 223 Pacesetter dies for 7 or eight years now and really like them. Especially the feature the allows the decapping rod to move upward when you try to reload a range pickup berdan primed case. I got tired of the decapping pins and some time the decapping rod breaking with my RCBS 223 dies.
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    I'd also suggest getting the ABC's of Reloading book,as well as several reloading data manuals and read them thoroughly before you start trying to load any cartridges.
    If your shooting a bolt action rifle,you could also buy a neck sizing die.It will save your brass from being over worked when full length sizing,and the cases will last longer.If your shooting a semi-auto,you will need to full length size the cases.