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    Well it took me a week to get the Lee master loader set up and pumping out 223 shells . Well not an entire week, but almost ! Every afternoon after work and between my autistic daughters needs and my wife's honeydoos I got it going. WOW I had no ideas how much difference what a .5 grain would make. I started out with my Smith & Wesson Ar with a 1 to 8 riffling with a 16in barell. I started out at 20 gr of H335 with a 55 gr FMJ /bt and Cci primers .The spread was about 3in at 50 yds. Not too good so I went up to 22. and cut it in half ,then went to 24gr and had a 1 moa at 50 . I hit the sweet spot at 24.5 with holes touching each other. It started spreading out past that at 25 grains ,it was back to a 3 in spread . The auto disk sucks I was getting a wide range of throws. I wrapped dryer sheets around the powder holder, ran graphite thru it , ran a pound of H335 thru it and it still was in inconsistent on its throws. I just started weighing on my digital and gave up on the auto disk . I orderd a Different lee powder dispenser that's supposed to be on the money , but we will see. I would recommend if your going to buy a progressive loader go ahead and spend the money for a better quality one. I'm not slamming Lee it will work fine for my needs ,but if I had it to do over ,I would get the RCB. Now I have three more Ar-15s that are a 1 to 9 twist to figure out best loads for, So I expect to be busy for the next few weeks.any advice would be much appreciated.
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    As you are finding reloading is great! You can develope that special load for each rifle. And even compete one load against the other. It can become addicting. I use to be a High Power Bench Rest Shooter. When I got 5 rounds of ammunition that shot exceptional well I even kept those 5 cases together until I needed to replace them due to cracking and etc. The best money I ever spent was for a Lyman Model 1200 Powder Despensor. The thing is fantastic and saves me a lot of time. Takes the pain out of powder measuring.
    Happy Reloading!