Lee & Grant

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    Watching Lee & Grant on the History Channel. It's a very interesting expose on the two men. Of course the show ends with who is the better general.

    One historian pointed out the obvious, but incredibly important point. Grant never lost a battle. Lee did.
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    I also have been watching the documentary this week. If Grant would have had the resources that Lee did, I am certain there would have been a different outcome. Today I am watching the section of Civil War History on Lincoln. Very interesting week on the History Channel.
    I was born in the North but now live in Tennessee. In fact our lane is 1/2 mile long through the woods and we have a Civil War Grave Stone just off the lane. They advised there were 10 or 11 buried there but only one tombstone. John Daugherty 4th Tennessee Cavalry. I have done a complete history research on him including who his wife was and where he was from. A lot of history down here. One of my friends just wrote a book entitled Indiana Civil War History. Two weeks ago I was teaching in Fredericksburg VA. Man what an area for Civil War History. I am starting to get real interested in the Civil War as of late.