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I recently got my enfield back from the gunsmith. I had it cleaned and looked over b/c I had previously had a primer fall out when I was shooting some surplus ammo.

I've recently done some reserch on the net about the SMLE... & I was wondering if anybody here knows anything about some of these markings that I found under the rear/top handguard.. they are stamped on the base of the barrel where it connects to the reciver.

I'll be posting this on some of the enfield forums also...

thanks for any info...

My Lee-Enfield #1 mark 3 SMLE

Here are the manufaturers mark.
a crown.
S (looks like two light strikes) LE
III (& 7pt star)

best pic of the additional markings above the serial # on the upper left (in the light glare) and above the last few digits of the serial #

and here is a few pic of the barrel markings (on the left of the barrel)
The "S" could denote Stevens - Savage, Mass,USA and the "HT" may mean that it's fitted with a heavy barrel for range work.On top of the knox form there should be a "H" stamped on it denoting this and the if there's a HV stamped on the stock it means it can use the high velocity machine gun ammo
The arrow with the < in it means that it's accepted into service,regards
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