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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by JonM, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. JonM

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    just got a set of lee dies for the 7.62x54r in the mail today.
    ive never had lee dies before.

    first do they seriously expect people to use the scoop thingee it came with for weighing charges??????

    the dies have little rubber o-rings under the lock rings with recesses in the lock ring for the o-ring. whats the purpose of that???

    the text instructions they came with mentions crimping as part of the seating die but it was confusing. these came with a seperate crimp die does that mean the seating die crimps too??
  2. Rick1967

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    I actually have the same set of dies. The rubber o-ring is just to put tension on the die when it gets to where you set it. Other makers use a allen screw. But it does work pretty well. As far as the factory crimp die goes, you can crimp with the seating die. But you could also back off the seating die so that it does not crimp and use the factory crimp die instead. I prefer to do it in 2 seperate steps. This way the bullet is not still moving when it is crimped.

    As far as the scoop goes, I used to use a scoop for measuing powder before I had a better way of doing it. Different powders use a different scoop. If you use the scoop do not get near the max charge.

    Now I just use the scoop to dump powder on my scale. I weigh every charge when working with maximum charges. If I am not working with maximum I use a powder measure from RCBS. It is very acurate.

  3. VitSports6

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    I have often wondered about crimping, Honestly in my use, I don't need to crimp, I'm not running all over gods country to hunt down the bad guys.
    I have a mix of LEE and RCBS die's, My 7.62x54r is an RCBS, Its also a two die set, On my LEE die's that have the rubber gasket, If I am too agressive I can tighten it down too tight, Thats really my own fault, From what I know both LEE and RCBS are great products.
    Scoops, Nope, Which reminds me, I should just pull them out of the boxes, They always seem to get in the way.
    Besy of luck
  4. JonM

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    thanks i use a dillon xl650 the rubber rings dont extend past the lock ring i replace the lock rings on my non-dillon dies with dillon lock rings so i dont have a zillion wrenches laying about. i was just wondering what they were for.

    i prefer weighing charges the scoop business ive never heard of before thought it was odd.

    i too prefer a seperate crimp step. my rcbs dies seat and crimp so i often buy seperate sets to get seperate crimp dies
  5. JonM

    JonM Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    loaded 50 rounds of 7.62x54r this morning im definately liking the lee dies a lot!! the seating die doesnt scuff the bullets like my dillon 30-06 and 308 dies do.
  6. noylj

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    Did you read the instructions?
    The o-ring is to lock the die in position, yet not have to use a lock screw. Works very well. You can adjust, but the die won't move on its own.
    If you loading jacketed bullets in a bottlenec case, you don't need to crimp (since you didn't have to flare/bell the case to start with). The Lee FCD is a collet and does an excellent job.
    Go to Lee Precision's web site and watch their videos.
  7. JonM

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    i dont have a lee loader so the oring does me no good. and the instructions dont mention it other than its there. the size of the lee lock rings prevents use in my dillon xl650 the rings are too wide and i cant get em tightend good enough.

    i like a light crimp on rounds that go in magazines for bolt guns semi-auto/ full auto get heavy crimps. bullet setback is a very bad thing. i started loading for 458winmag developed a lot of my habits then.
  8. hiwall

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    For those of you that don't have a powder measure the scoop works amazingly well. Not for max loads but your day-to-day stuff the scoop is a good choice (if you have a scoop of the correct size). I used a scoop for years before I got a powder measure. brass powder scoops used to come with muzzle loaders until cartridge guns came along. Even then they came with the old loading tools of the 18 and early 1900's.
  9. Bigdog57

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    I do use the 'scoop thingy' for loading precision cartridges. I use the one just lighter than what I need, then 'trickle up' using the Lee beam scale or a digital scale. Works very well. Not a fast system, but I don't shoot mass loads of military caliber ammo. FIne for doing four boxes at a time. ;)
    The O-ring will work on other presses - it just snugs up against the top of the press. I use mostly RCBS dies for Rifle, as I do prefer the set screws to lock them - I have a separate turret for each caliber, so changing calibers is basically "Plug&Play". I have had the Lee dies move on the turrets. I also don't like Lee's "Pop goes the weasel" decapper system. If I do accidentally get a Boxer case or a too-small primer flash hole, I'll break a pin. I keep plenty spare pins.
    Also, always check the dies from Lee. A buddy has had TWO die sets of 8X56R Hungarian that had 8mm Mauser sizer dies. Another guy on a different forum had that happen with another caliber.