Lee case trimmer and case length gage

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    I bought the lee case trimmer because I didn't want to spend a lot on a fancy case trimmer. I got the lee case length gage for 223. Today, I used it and it seemed to be on I'd say the first 50 rounds it trimmed to 1.750 inches right on the dot but by the time I finished 150 rounds it was very visible the case length gage stopping pin was wearing down. Now the cases vary from 1.750 from the initial rounds I trimmed to 1.745. Has this ever happened to anyone else I'm using a drill but I'm not pushing to hard I know it was only $5 but lee usually has quality products. So my question is has anyone else expirenced the case length gage stop pin wearing down so fast?

    And another question does anyone know the minimum case length I was thinking 1.740 would be the minimum, I have about 3-4 rounds put of 400 so that are around 1.738!?
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    I use a LEE case trimmer and a Wilson case gauge. You might want to try a better quality gauge.

    LEE makes some good stuff, but they also make some, well....let's not go there!:eek::eek: