Lee 50th and Challenger Press Kits

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Phoenix, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Phoenix

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    I've decided that being new to reloading, a Dillon press is about 5-10 years away at the least for me, so I've settled onto either the Lee 50th Edition, or the similar Challenger kit which is essentially the same except that it is tailored for those who prefer to load primers outside of the press.

    Which do you guys prefer? On or off press? Pros and Cons?

    Also, if there is a better alternative, say the RCBS kit then by all means, convince me. But, from what I have gathered its more of a personal preference.

    Again, thanks all, I'm one step closer and almost there!
  2. robocop10mm

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    I have always primed "on press". I have never had a problem w/accuracy or reliability. When using the press mounted priming, go slow and develop a "feel" for it. You will be fine. The Dillon has a built in stop so you cannot seat primers too deep. The Lee and RCBS presses require more feel.

  3. hunter Joe

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    Center fire rifle cartridges I always hand prime. I only use the priming device on the RCBS for pistols cartridges. I'm just anal that way.