Lectured by the local PD chief

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by partdeux, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. partdeux

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    I live in a 15 yo spec sub, and we get a LOT of contractors coming through. Last Friday aft I looked through the peeper and already my warning bells were going off, the "contractor" was off the front porch. As I'm opening the door, his hand is about 7:30 (left side) position. Maybe just an itch, but six months ago would have never even noticed it... I'm carrying loosely concealed and at that point regretting being concealed at all. He give me a quick speal about quoting exterior mods. I quickly said not thank you, closed and locked the door.

    More I thought about it, the more warning bells kept going off... didn't recognize it at the time, but he had no clip board, no brochures, and no logo'd clothing. Called our Chief today (personally know him), and he wondered why if I had that many warning bells going off, I didn't call them. Also told me that permits are required for door to door sales, which gives them a reason suspicion to stop someone.
  2. JonM

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    i live in a very small town in a quiet part of wisconsin and my policy is answer a doorbell with xdm/1911 in hand. last time it was a neighbor kidlet selling cookies with her mom... had to buy cookies one handed!!

    better safe than sorry. finally got the wife trained to answer the door if she must with her xdm in hand.

  3. winds-of-change

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    I just say "Hold on a minute" and set the gun down on a nearby piece of furniture.

    I also live in a small town. When someone comes to the door offering home repair services or selling magazines, basically anyone other than a school child or scouts, I call the police who promptly come to check them for permits.
  4. dragunovsks

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    What state is it that requires permits for door to door sales? I live in indiana and its not very often but i get them too, one company that is especially annoying is a steakhouse in louisville that comes around in a chevy truck with a freezer selling meat.
  5. PanBaccha

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    Any door bell that rings should put one on alert.
    Otherwise what good is a doorbell and door that is
    orginally an intent of protection? I'd have the same
    attitude if it was a woman scantitly attired and wet.
    (I hope) :confused:
  6. Shade

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    Same idiots drove up my driveway this summer. I had just finished up
    cleaning my AR in the shop and walk out to meet them with my AR over
    my shoulder with a magazine loaded...

    They nervously started their rehearsed shpeal, I stopped them short and
    asked do you think I need to buy beef, as I was pointing to my cattle.
    Before they answered I said, "You can leave now." They did not waste
  7. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member

    I don't open the door. If I need it I will go buy it. I don't need someone scoping out the inside of my house as I open the door to see all the neat stuff I worked for.
  8. fmj

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    AHHH but nothing detracts the door to door folks like like a 1911 in plain sight!

    USED to have a Jehovas witnesses come a calling....one morning i opened the door in my boxers with the 1911 strapped to my hip. I wonder why they've never come back?!!?:rolleyes:
  9. dragunovsks

    dragunovsks New Member

    Thats funny...thought about answering the door in a white wifebeater, with fake billy bob teeth in, in my boxers, standin in steel toed boots (unlaced of course) with my 1911 tucked in the front of my boxers. Oh and with a tall boy budweiser in hand
  10. Caoimhin

    Caoimhin New Member

    I did the same thing to those Jehovah's witnesses. In my tighty Whites with my 1911. They quit coming around. My dog, Aust sheppard, Chow mix get's all Cujo at the door bell or knock. Most people leave as soon as he get's to the door. We require a door to door permit for the sales people too. Most of ours now days are the neighborhood kids selling cookies and candy. We have a loft that over looks the front entry. If my wife answers for a stranger I am normally there on high with my sights on the target (the floor in front of the door) safety first.
  11. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    friend of mine talks about answering the door for a JW with a 12 gauge. Asked to see their door to door permit. They said we're doing God's work, we don't need a permit. He racked the shotgun and asked again. They left the neighborhood.
  12. bkt

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    Until now, I never thought I'd have an image in my head of a guy in his underwear where I'd think "that's awesome".
  13. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    I've told a kid, "here, hold this." But I had the presence of mind to stop and think a second.