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    In a SHTF scenario, what would be your strategy for leaving the city with all of the other people attempting to do the same thing? Does anyone here have a bugout vehicle they want to describe?

    Has anyone ever thought to head to the local recycling place and grab a bunch of water storage bottles?
  2. FALPhil

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    I used to have a KTM 450. Then I had kids.

    If you are single, a motorcycle rigged for enduro makes sense. If you have little ones, you probably ought to focus on a vehicle that can

    1. Carry everyone.
    2. Carry the things you will need during the period it will take you to get to where you are going.
    3. Will hold enough fuel to get you to where you are going.
    4. Is small enough or well equipped with off road capability to to get past the traffic jams you are likely to encounter.
    5. Is durable and easy to repair.

    An alternate strategy is to stick with the motorcycle and a rifle, race ahead to the pack, find the rig you want, shoot the people in it, and take it for yourself. Of course, then there is all that messy blood to clean up...

    Don't think that there won't be people seriously considering the alternate strategy. Since they have, you need a counter strategy. The few I have come up with are

    1. Be especially attentive to what is going on and leave ahead of the crowd. If it turns out that it is a false alarm, chalk it up to practice.

    2. Wait till things calm down and make a very careful and deliberate exit via the path of least resistance.

    3. Put a group of like minded people together and move as a unit.

    I will probably opt for #2. I have a place to go that is about 40 miles away and I can get to it on the roads or off. #1 just is not practical for me, and I live in an affluent enough area that #3 is unlikely. The problem with being affluent is that you think you are in control, so there are not many people in my neighborhood who are of the same mind and mettle as myself.

  3. Bidah

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    Better yet, move out if you can before anything happens. :)

    Best bet is to have a group, and stay together no matter what.

    I also really like FAL's suggestions. Good reasoning there.
  4. pioneer461

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    I already left the city, before the ship hit the sand. My kids are grown and on their own, we sold our house of 25 years and moved out into the country. A small community of 6000 +/-, but well away from the urban sprawl of Portland, Oregon, with about a 20 mile buffer of rural paradise. No gang bangers, no low-riders, no homeless camps, just a lot of SUV's, pickup trucks and filled rifle racks.

    We still have to drive into the city 3 days a week to keep the refrigerator stocked, for about 11 more months until I can retire for good. We have bicycles and know where we can get our hands on horses if needed. The Columbia River is about 5 miles away, and rumor has it, well stocked with fish, and I hear Spotted Owl tastes like chicken. ;)

    Probably the only real threat we face is from Mother Nature. NW Oregon is on several earthquake faults, and we have a great view of Mt. St. Helens from our living room. :eek:

    We have survival gear in our cars (our sedan, MY Forester), we both carry firearms and both have police training. There are alternate back roads not well traveled that we have explored in case we get stuck in town. We both have the survival mindset; No matter what it takes.
  5. Dutch

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    I too live in a small town. I'm only 40 minutes away from some very isolated areas in the ozark national forest. My wife and I spend our off hours cruising around the back trails in our jeep. We can get lost in a moments notice.
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    hey. nothing wrong with lowriders..lol..not all of us are bad. most of us are hard working family guys. like anything else in life... just takes a few bad apples to ruin it for others.. but i also love loving in the country and drive a 4x4. and love my guns ...
  7. pioneer461

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    Okay, point taken. :D

    My son was a low-rider for a few years, now is a high-rider in his Ford F-150 4X4, but he lives in the city. Nothing wrong what-so-ever with low-riders, just with some of the occupants. Okay?

    It's just that in these parts we don't see any low-riders, nor do we have to listen to those annoying boom-box stereos. Lots of country kids in pickups, listening to country. :cool:
  8. jberry

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    To answer the original question:

    multiple alternative vehicles (with possible load):

    1) motorcycle with hard bags and backpack (80lb)
    2) diesel 4x4 pickup with hard cap (~1500 lb)
    3) light aircraft (~500 lb) - no road worries:)
    All with adequate fuel to get to the location without refueling

    Multiple routes pre-plotted to avoid interstates - GPS is ideal if the satellites are still up...otherwise paper topos

    Yes, it is ideal to already be there, but many of us can't (or won't) make the change without more evidence of irreversible degradation toward SHTF...
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