Least accurate weapon? What?

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    Greets gentlemen, it's me again, and I'm here to ask an odd question.
    I've decided to challenge myself to try and produce accuracy of some type from an inaccurate weapon. So, I'm here to ask you a familiar question, only backwards.

    Which of the older WWII bolt rifles is THE LEAST ACCURATE. (I.E. MOA at effective range).
    I've heard that of the weapons in the era, the MAS-36 was the least accurate, but then alot say the Carcano was also pretty terrible, and the Arisaka type-38. Even some say the Mosin Nagant was the most inaccurate. So I came to you gents for your "expert" opinion. This doesnt include carbines save the K-98, K-31 and MAS-36.
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    most of the old ww2 era bolt guns are pretty accurate. when you find an inaccurate one its usually because the barrel is shot out or something is physically beat to crap in it from almost 70+ years of age and use.

    you need to jump to the late 40's and early 50s and start looking at semi autos as in the ak47 sized firerms to find inherently inaccurate weapons to challenge your skills. or like the m1 carbine.

    a bolt gun from that era in good condition is going to be a decent accurate shooter with tuned ammo.

    i would pick a nice combat rifle your partial to and get after it :) the mosin nagant are good shooters, the 1903 and 1903a3 springfields, lee enfield. all are good rifles and will get you back to seeing how good you are. they are good shooting guns that will only perform if the person holding it knows their stuff.
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  3. therewolf

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    I find this unusual, because I generally find myself working my way past the

    pile of crap, with blinders on, in an effort to find an accurate gun I do like...

    ...that said, research weapons manufactured by slave labor by the Japanese or

    Germans at the end of the war. Many Poles and SE Asians risked their lives

    to bend the barrels and make these guns as inaccurate as possible, because

    they knew these guns would be killing and enslaving their countrymen.
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    Try making an accurate Mini-14 instead of any WW2 rifles. I know that the Mini-14 are modern firearms but they have a horrible accuracy factor to them since Day One. A Mini-14 would be a good firearm if Ruger ever decided to make it accurate. That is about the only reason why the M-4 carbines and their clones overwhelmed the Mini-14 carbines. If Ruger had a really accurate version of their Mini-14, that carbine would have left the M-4 clones in the dust.
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    Obviously you have never seen the factory Mini 14 target rifle.
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    The Mas36 was among the most accurate. The No5 enfield carbine holds the most inaccurate title in my book.