Learning to strip th 1911

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Daryl Pelfrey, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Daryl Pelfrey

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    I ask below about upgrades. I will wait awhile and see how the pistol does.
    I am slowly reading and disassembling the pistol.Going slow, just read and see how to remove the firing pin and hammer safety. I do not want to do to much at once cause I may not get it back together.If I can strip a marlin lever gun and work on the trigger surely I can strip and work on this pistol. I have owned and shot some 1911,s but just now getting fascinated with them.Are there any parts that will give me trouble far as reassembly goes? I am in the mind these days that a man should be able to completely strip his carry weapon down and clean and repair it. That is what I hope to learn about the 1911. And to add new drop in parts like trigger and hammer and ejector etc.
    By the way how hard is it to change the trigger and hammer. I have not taken them out yet but would like to get the skeleton looking hammer and trigger with the holes in it.I know some of you are probably getting a laugh at my novice knowledge of these guns but I am just trying to learn without screwing my new toy up.
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    Why are you stripping it down that far, especially when you're not confident with your skills? There really isn't any reason to take it down farther than removing the slide from the frame and the barrel from the slide.

    There are many books available on the subject though. I'm sure an exploded diagram could even be found online.

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    theres alot detailed videos on you tube
  4. Daryl Pelfrey

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    Stripping the 1911

    I have always tried to learn how all my guns worked and to be able to take them apart and put them back. It looks easy but I just like to take my time learning if its a gun I have never completely stripped.If I shouldnt thats fine, I just thought it was a good thing to know how.I havent taken the firing pin or hammer or trigger out but was just reading and looking. So I should not be stripping it that far? Im a tinkerer.LOL
    Thanks Matt for the help. At least somebody stopped me before I screwed it up.
    I was just looking on Brownells and looks like theres some neat parts a guy could put in these pistols.
  5. Daryl Pelfrey

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    Thanks matt
  6. canebrake

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    Got a digital camera? Vid camera?

    Film the step by step disassembly and then you can follow the electronic bread crumb trail to put it back together.

    The 1911 is a great gun to strip. Areas to watch would be:
    1. Recoil Spring Plug, watch it or wear it!
    2. Firing Pin Stop, can be tricky if it's an 80 series w/fp safety.
    3. Firing pin safety spring, extremely small and will get legs!
    4. Hammer Strut, getting it lined up when you slide the MSH in place.
    5. Slide Stop, watch out for the crescent of shame!
    6. MSH, assembly! You need a Wheeler Bench Block!
    7. Disconnector/Sear proper alignment.
    8. Thumb Safety removal, once you get it you won't believe how easy it is!
    9. Magazine Release, more small parts.
    Things to leave alone:
    1. Sights, don't go there!
    2. Plunger Tube, don't mess with it. but you should remove the plungers and spring for occasional cleaning.
    3. Ejector, consider it as part of the receiver (frame).
    4. Hammer/Hammer Pin/Hammer Strut Assembly, clean and lube but no need to take apart.
    5. Grip Screw Bushings, leave them alone. They're either staked or thread locked (anaerobic adhesive) and the only reason would be to install "thin" grips.
    1. Grace USA Brass Hammer 4 oz (The Best!)
    2. A good quality punch set (steel)
    3. Hollow ground flat blade pistolsmith screwdriver set, get a good one. DO NOT use the angle cut auto type screwdriver!
    4. Wheeler Bench Block
    5. Files, use gingerly!
    6. Dremel, NEVER have this tool in the same room as your 1911!