Learning Mil-dots W/Barska

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    I purchased a Barska Swat 10-40x50mm mildot scope. It appears to be a sfp type scope.Ranged it out on a dollar bill at 83 yrds on low power which gives me 2 mils from end to end. Ranged at full zoom at same distance and target, gives me 4 mils to center.My Nc math says, that at full zoom the mildot value changed from 1 to .25 at full zoom. With those of you who range targets this way is this a burden or an asset? I feel it is both, since I will only be able to calculate 1.5 mils at full zoom but it will be easier to calculate them in .25 increments. I throw it out for debate to those with more experience in this area.
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    There is data to be recorded either way. Learning your first mildot scope won't matter. Its what happens when you buy a scope that uses a different focal plane you run into relearning it all over.

    Personally I only have one mildot scope and won't bother learning the inticacies of another brand. If I was an active duty sniper I would be more in depth. But for me its a hobby shooting paper and dirt clods.

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    I use a ffp mildot scope and no matter what the magnification is the reticle will give the same values over target in mildots for range estimation. With a sfp scope usually there is a specific magnification power that the scope has to be set to for accurate values in mildots for range estimation. Thats just the way sfp scopes are. I perfer ffp scopes.

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