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I bought a set of Hornady match grade dies in 6.5 Creedmoor.
The sizing die is business as usual,with the exception of using a bushing to size the neck of the case.
The sizing die is set up just like any other brand that I use-Screw it to the shell holder,and then a 1/4-1/2 turn more.

The seating die on the other hand is where I had some problems.
First,there are no instructions on setting up the seating die. So,being me,I set it up just as I do all my others.Well,that was a mistake.
As I tried to seat the first bullet in the case,I crushed the shoulder of the case. I wasn't happy,but it made me really look at what was going on with this type of seating die.

These seating dies have to be set up to the case,not the shell holder. You need to put an empty case in the shell holder,lift it to the top of the press,and then screw the seating die down until it touches the case.Then lock it down tight.

It sure would've been nice to have instructions for this,but they only list the sizing die on the instructions.
Oh well,at least I learned something new,and it only cost me $0.70 and a little time.
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