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Learn how to FIGHT with a Handgun!

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Perroni's Tactical Training Academy

(2 Day) Advanced Concealed Carry Course

March 29th-30th 2008

Prerequisite: PTTA or NRA Basic Pistol or DCJS (07E) (09E) or similar course. This is a course to teach you how to fight with a handgun. You MUST have asolid background in firearms safety & Marksmanship before taking this course.

Cost: $300.00 which includes World Class Training, classroom, range time, targets, certificate of completion.

Instructors: Tom Perroni, Tommy Perroni, Brad Naylor, Chris Pick

Class size: 20 students Max

this course goes far beyond the Basic Handgun Course. The purpose of this course is to teach advanced handgun manipulation skills and tactics that will enable the shooter to more effectively employ his/her handgun in an actual tactical environment. The focus of this course is the advanced development of general handgun shooting skills such as speed shooting, proper draw, reloads, shooting while moving. You will learn how to fight with your handgun in this course.

Course Syllabus:

• Golden Rules of Deadly Force in Self Defense & “Just say Nothing”
• Virginia concealed handgun & firearms law in Virginia.
• Combat Mindset & Criminal Behavior
• Color Code of Awareness (White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black)
• Cover Vs. Concealment
• OODA Loop / Fight or Flight
• Weapons Retention (practical exercises)
• (5) Points to the Draw & Move off the X
• Review of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Grip, Front Sight & Trigger Control)
• Teaching the (3) types of reloads (Tactical, Emergency, Speed)
• Driving the gun (target to target)
• Sight and recoil management in rapid fire shooting
• Shooting on the Move & Advancing Threats
• Engaging multiple threats (Federal Air Marshal Qualification course of Fire)
• Anatomical theory of stopping power (FBI study)
• Close Quarter Fighting (combining Handgun & Hand to Hand fighting skills)
• Equipment placement
• Low light shooting (Harries Cigar, Chapman, FBI, Reverses Harries, Techniques)
• Malfunctions (Tap, Rack, Fight)
• “Shoot / No Shoot” scenarios on the range (Live Fire FATS Training)


Reliable semi-auto handgun, hip holster, minimum of 3 magazines, 5 if not high capacity, magazine holder, shooting glasses, hearing protection, baseball type hat, flashlight with spare bulb and batteries and drinking water. Cover Garment:Suit Jacket, Blazer, 511 type vest.

Ammunition: 800 rounds of factory ammo. PTTA will be selling ammo at the range.

For more information contact: Tom Perroni (540) 786-3627 [email protected] or Perroni's Tactical Training Academy
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