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  1. CGbob

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    Where can I get a replacement cylinder for an old "Leader" 30cal. rimfire?
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    Welcome to the Forum Bob -

    I am afraid I don't have an answer for you, but there are a couple of folks around here who probably do.

    I will send out an all call to our resident revolver gurus....


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    Leader was a trade name used by C.S. Shattuck, Hatfield, Mass (1880-1890), Hopkins & Allen, Norwich, CT (1868-1915), and Harrington & Richardson, Worcester, Mass (1874-c.1980).

    Numrich doesn't show much for Shattuck or Hopkins & Allen. Do you know who made the revolver. You might be out of luck for parts. Unless you find one on gunbroker.com, gunamerica.com, or in shotgun news. Do you have any of the 30cal rimfire ammo? If you do I would look at keeping it intact as it may well be worth more than the gun itself.

    Seeing as this is a trade name the revolver may not even be worth the price of a new cylinder if you found one anyways.

    Are you sure it is a 30 cal. Under Hopkins & Allen could find nothing about a 30 cal rimfire just a 32 cal and a 38 cal. Might you post some pictures of this unique revolver?

    Sorry I could not be of more help. Let me know if you find the part.
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    I have some .32 H&R cylinders in my junk pile,will see if I have 1.

    I'm betting it's a .32. Please give us more details so we can help you more.
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  5. CGbob

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    Thanks guys. The piece is at a gunsmith right now. Don't expect much. A few years ago I got an "old" book from the local Hagerstown Library and seem to remember an add for this thing. It is definitely a rimfire gun. Cylinder was drilled to accomidate a 32cal., but someone evidently thought better of it when they found a 32 wouldn't fit thru the barrel and didn't have a fire pin. When I get it back from the smith, I'll post a picture. It's a cute little thing with no frills and plated. I also have a couple of hammerless 32 cal. one is an Empire, the other is also at the smith. I know I need at least one cylinder. Back at you guys when I get them back from the smith.
    Thanks again. bob
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    I happen to have one that I would be interested in selling.

    It seems like I found a reference on the internet that said it was a .28 caliber but I cannot find the printout or the site.

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