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    I been loading Barnes TSX and have been getting decent groups outta my Model 7 .243. PROBLEM IS...up to about 30% of my loads come out with "loose" seating. Loose enough that with my fingers I can move the bullets enough to change OAL considerably. And on rare occasion have actually been able to remove the bullet completely. The others that dont have this kinda play in them hold about an inch (give or take) @100yards.
    I've called Barnes and talked to them about it this and the fact that during seating, "rings" of copper are shaved off..they were very quick to jump in and tell me how to "solve" the problem (readjusting the die). But it doesnt work. Still having the same ole problem. I hate to give up on the TSX but have realized something isnt goin rite for me with them.
    I want to stay wih a LEAD FREE bullet. I am going to continue to load them for my .243 and WILL be loading them for my .270. Barnes has a 110grain TSX that is supposed to be great on Whiteys and Mulies..not to mention lite kicking for my kidds and myself.
    Does anyone know of another ALL COPPER bullet in this weight class or possibly another idea on whats going on with why my Barnes are acting up?
    I've looked at the Nosler E-Tip and Hornady's GMX..nothing lower than a 130grain. Sierra apparently doesnt produce a lead free hunting bullet.
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    prolly a crimping issue. size a spent case measure the neck after sizing. then measure the neck of a round having issues. measure the diameter of a problem bullet and compare to other bullets in the batch you may have a bad case lot. these lead free bullets are still pretty new.