lead bullets in XD

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by Mordecai, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Mordecai

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    I am thinking of getting an XD but want to fire lead ammunition through it, I have heard it causes problems in certain guns and leaves residue that can lead to higher pressure situations in the barrel. Is it bad to fire lead through XD and why or why not? Thanks
  2. Bidah

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    The XD series uses conventional rifling, so go ahead, fire away. I have an XD-9, and I fire lead in it no problem.

    The problem is with those that use Polygonal Rifling such as Glock. It tends to smear and build up over time.


  3. rev-arb

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    That is right....lead in the XD is just fine. I beleive it is just the glock that suggest no lead. I uses lead in my XD 9mm all the time.
  4. River Bend

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    works for me

    I load both for my 40 & 45 Tacticals and shoot lead only in all IPSC matches. With the price of ammo nowadays, its the only way to save a little to buy the powder & primers, pick the brass up off the range and inspect it carefully and all will work just fine.
    Provided you know how to reload that is. I can turn out 300 rounds a hour with a simple $150 Lee Progressive 1000 turrent press.
    Been using one so long it has produced over 10K rounds and only needed a little oil to keep pounding them out.:D
  5. Defender

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    What does the XD owners manual recommend? If they advise against lead ammo, I'd heed their word.

    It's possible lead ammo will work fine for a while, but cause problems over time.

    I'm not stating that as fact, just as a reasonable possibility that needs to be looked into.

    Bottom line---use what the manufacturer recommends.
  6. Serpico

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    I just purchased a XD40 and bought JHP's FMJ's and a box of target lead rounds. I fired the lead to familiarize myself witht he gun, and beacuse my indoor range does not allow jacketed ammo, when I was done I fired a few jacketed ammo rounds thru it and it's fine, never had a jam or misfire. I belive lead can buildup but a couple of jacketed rounds will clearly remove it...