Lead accuracy loads for 357 Mag?

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    Looking for some 158 lead semiwadcutter accuracy loads. Used to load jacketed bullets 20 years ago, but am sticking to lead nowadays. Have access to about 15 different powders.....probably more! I am a pro reloader, we sell at most of the gun shows in Florida. Just got a S&W 686 and have so much data and powders at my disposal, I have no idea where to start!!! Looking for that elusive "one hole" group! I had a Security Six, one of the last ones made before they were discontinued. It would shoot 3/4" with Sierra 140 JHP over 19gr of 296...FIERCE! Now I am a lead only guy and want accuracy over anything else.......25 years of "wisdom"?!?!?! Show me your pet loads guys!

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