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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by canebrake, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. canebrake

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    If you have the Ruger LCR you have got to get the HI VIZ Handgun Sight p/n LCR2010.

    I mostly point shoot my Elsie Ahrrr but when I sight shoot, there's a great deal left to desire. This HI VIZ upgrade is something Ruger should have offered as standard equipment or at least, an option.

    I got mine on DVOR for <$30 and worth every penny.

    All you need is a bench block, brass hammer and a 1/16" punch. Drive out the sight roll pin, lift the old sight off the barrel and reverse the procedure to install the HI VIZ light pipe. Maybe 10 minutes including rounding up the tools.

    Great addition to my Elsie!

  2. Axxe55

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    very nice upgrade Cane. good information. the hi-viz sights definately help in getting a better sight picture. :D

  3. fupuk

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    That looks good also. Is there any way you could post a pic of your sight picture please? My MIL is looking to upgrade her sights on her Lcr and I would like to show here that one.
  4. Montanacowboy

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    I bought one and installed it. It is a nice upgrade. I did have a little trouble installing the new one in that the new pin was difficult going in. I cleaned the pin and used some oil on it and got it installed. Just have to take your time and you won't have any problems installing one. MC
  5. levelcross

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    Major point over looked by so many, point shooting vs sight shooting. Looks like an awesome upgrade Cane. Wish I had an Elsie Ahrrr to try it out on.
  6. kalboy26

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    Very nice. I've though about getting one if these in the past but never followed through. My major concern was that it would stand a lot more proud than the original. Any problems with that?
  7. mag318

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    That's sound advise and a great enhancement to the LCR, I just wish they made a lower version of it for the rimfire LCRs. Someday perhaps if there is enough demand. These LCRs are fantastic point shooters and I finish every range session with at least a couple cylinder of point shooting. If you ever have to defend yourself for real with an LCR chances are point shooting is how you will engage. I highly encourage friends and others to practise this method of shooting.
  8. johnbrowning

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    I too have an "Elsie" in 357 w/CT (ouch) grips. One of my carry weapons. Not as neat as yours I painted the front sight with high viz orange works fine. Also, I found some ammo from Magsafe, look it up,that have very fast and low weight bullets that are great for stopping bad guys. BTW other carry .45 XDs
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  9. Old_Dog

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    Those kind of sights tend to hang up in some holsters so I do not use them anymore. I also point shoot and have been doing it since 1971 when our Government taught me how. What I do instead is put a set of Crimson Trace laser grips on my LCRs. Makes them fit in my pocket better and I actually like the grip better than the original. The laser also is better at night where a fiber optic sight is useless. Great for point shooting because the laser confirms what I am indexed on and all I need to do is see that laser near where I am pointing and fire. Works very well for me. As I said, I had some problems with some finely molded holsters not working out well with that sight.