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    I'm going to pick up my LCR .357 in about a week and am looking for a holster for it. The main purpose of this gun is going to be my backup while on duty, so I'm really looking for an ankle rig. None of my local stores seem to have anything worth while. Anyone have any ideas of a decent ankle rig that will fit the LCR?
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    Here's one similar to the one I use. Had it for over 2 years, EDC when I can wear long pants and it's still working great. No significant wear and tear...just a little lint :D The one thing I like is the thumb break retention feature. It's reversible and once you snap it in, it ain't comin' out...The pic is actually the external hammer model but you get the idea...Only downside depends on your choice of footwear, low cut tops and medium tops (like basketball sneaks) works fine but I can't wear it with my workboots, just rides up too high and gets uncomfortable after a while...
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