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    My grandfather had a large (50+) firearm collection. He passed away about 25 years ago and the relatives sold off most of it at that time. I just recently found out there were a few left and have been able to acquire them. I had no idea what was there but found some surprises when I got them.

    The one relevant to this forum is a LC Smith double barrel hammer 12 Gauge. Also seen the hammers referred to as Rabbit Ears.

    I checked online and on the LC Smith history site and it says that the hammer version (external hammers) were discontinued in 1932 so I suspect this was made somewhere between 1913 and 1932. On the end of the butt is a logo of a bow with the string bulled back and where an arrow would go it says "11OZ OIN..." I can't make out the rest of the text... I'll need to find a magnifying glass to read it.

    It looks to be in very good condition. No rust, wood in great shape.

    Any idea what something like this might be worth?
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    Skeeter, this is one of those "I have a Ford car. It's blue, and has a V-8. What's it worth?" :eek:

    You are SURE this is an L.C. Smith? I ask because the drawn bow logo was a trademark for the Antonio Zoli Co, who also made shotguns. However, it COULD just be wearing a replacement buttplate.

    The LC Smith's have a substantial collector following, and value depends on EXACT model and EXACT condition. To get an accurate answer, you are going to need a hands on assessment- but I'll gladly send you a crisp new $100 bill for it- just because I am a nice guy. :rolleyes:

    These were actually produced by several different companies at different times as the name was traded, bought and sold. According to my limited reference materials, from 1890 to 1945, they were made by Hunter Arms of Fulton NY. If you remove the barrels, and look at the water table (flat part of the frame covered when the barrels are in place) the grade of the gun should be marked there.

    You can also get a letter on production date of your gun from the L C Smith Collector's Assoc for $60. And here is some more info on the history and grades: The L.C. Smith Collectors Association

    And our course, we have to say- WE NEED PICHERS ! WHERE DA PICHERS?
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    Got some good pics finally.






    I also examined it carefully and noted all the markings. It is labeled L.C. Smith on both sides. The labeling is F which from the URL you provided I believe it means Field. It is also labeled on the barrels, Royal Steel and Hunter Arms Co Makers Fulton NY. I also have a good shot of the butt plate... I believe you may be right that it was replaced as it good lighting and a magnifying glass it clearly says "Antonio Zoli".
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    The F means it's an F Grade- not field. It is the second version, back action with the lower hammers made after 1913.They were originally made with twist Damascus bbls- like the one I have. Royal steel bbls were available, but I don't know what year it was mfged. Fot a detailed description, visit the LC Smith site again and request a research paper on it- it's not free but you may find out a more detailed description.
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