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Hey guys,

anyone know anything about Lawson Importers or the Spanish made SxS shotguns?

I saw a 12 ga SxS imported by Lawson... it has double triggers, 28" barrels, 3" chambers and comes Full and Mod...

thanks for any info ya'll might have on this thing

They dealer wanted $300 for it... how's that price?



Spanish shotguns are hit or miss. Most were made in the Palencia area in the Basque country of northern Spain. There were many small or "guild" type makers scattered all through the area and some were very good and of high quality. Others were cheaply made and distributed by all kinds of importers with under many different names. A few years ago, a company bought up all of the smaller Spanish gun makers and formed a conglomerate called Diarms. After that, the quality of Spanish shotguns greatly improved. It sounds like the one you are talking about is an older one made by one of the smaller companies. It should be an ok bun if it is in good shape. In today's market, $300 sounds about right.
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