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  1. cpttango30

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    Ok So I am thinking of spending some HOA money on a darn edger Just to make my life easier.

    I am looking at two types.
    The hand held 2 stroke. If I go this route I am only looking at an Echo. As all the HOA 2 stroke lawn and garden equipment is Echo.

    ECHO PE-230 Powerful Curved Shaft Lawn Edger - ECHO USA


    A Walk behind one. This one I would prefer to stay with a Craftsman because that is what the mower is.

    Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more

    I am trying to keep the equipment close to the same for parts and maintenance.

    What do you guys think Hand held or walk behind. I had a hand held Troy bilt one and the curve on the shaft and the weight of the boat anchor they call a motor SUCKS and would cause me to lay on the floor for 3 days with a tore up back. The Echo is not like that the shaft is straight and the are much lighter.
  2. doctherock

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    The walk behind is easier to use with less eff ups. I've done a sh!t load of landscaping in my day, I was an illegal immigrant in my former life. Just kidding.......but really the walk behind is way better.

  3. Daoust_Nat

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    I have a Stiehl 2 stroke edger. However it also switches out to a weed eater and a hedge/tree trimmer. That way I only have to bleep with one engine.

    One engine and three attachments.

    I have had this set up for about four years and am very happy with it.
  4. buckhuntr

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    Lot simpler to not have a lawn. Just sayin'...;)
  5. c3shooter

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    Walk behind if you are doing more than 1 house.
  6. Car54

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    I'm going through that same thing now too, figuring which one would be better. So far I'm 95% siding with the stick edger because being on a corner lot I have a lot of curb area and also a lot of mulched areas with uneven or curved edges. I think trying to keep the walk behind on the edges and curbs without tearing up part of the lawn would be more difficult. I'm looking at both the Echo and a Stihl.

    BTW...I've used the blower and the string trimmers twice now without the starting problems experienced a few weeks ago. I added some octane boost to the tanks and they're doing okay. How's yours doing?
  7. pandamonium

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    I prefer the walk-behind type myself. I think it gives more control of the cut. Looking at the sears model you linked, I wouldn't consider one that doesn't have a rear wheel that can adjust down to be able to edge along a curb. That feature helps a lot. If you never used a walk behind, they take a little getting used to but are not difficult.

    Triple-Blade Lawn Edger, Gas Edger from Troy-Bilt

    Halfway down the page on the left is a link to"take a closer look at the tb554 edger", click that then go to features, see the curb wheel, that feature can be very helpful, not recommending this model just the curb wheel feature. Good luck, Bro!
  8. gatopardo

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    Go with the echo with straight shaft, that is what professionals use.
    It's a lot easier to use in corners and tight places.

    An interesting alternative if you have the shoulder for it is the Stihl kombi system click here it's a bit pricey but you can attach 15 different tools being the most popular: edger, trimmer, hedger, chainsaw.
    You can also add a boom to reach tree limbs etc. My chain saw has been in the same corner for 5 years since i got this tool.

    By the way, the regular attachment additions you can find a Lowe's and Home Depot will fit and they're cheaper.
  9. cpttango30

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    Panda my track record with Troy-Bilt products is worst that my track record with Lee Reloading products.

    Gato As far as the Stihl Kombi. I looked at them and the one I saw would only take the Stihl kombi attachments. They were also 2x the price of any other attachment system I looked at including the ECHO one. These tools will on day be turned over to someone who doesn't know much about taking care of them. The reason for staying with echo is two fold. I have a chainsaw and a blower vac by echo they all take the exact same mix of gas and oil I also got 2 cases of echo 2 stroke oil as well with its fuel stabilizer in it. Yes I know I don't have to use echo oil in echo products but it is easy to get and works great. They can also all be taken to one place to have major work done to them.
  10. winds-of-change

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    Shoot, Tango. Why so fancy? My lawn is lucky if it gets mowed........edged? I think not! Trimmed......if I'm feeling energetic. :)
  11. cpttango30

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    This is for the HOA I have 1/10 of a mile of road I have to edge and cut the no mans land strip and edge the sidewalk.