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    Anyone have any experience using the the Laurel Mountain Brown for bluing? I've a bunch of rifles that a friend wants me to salvage. He stored them where moisture could get at them and didn't check on them for about a year.:( One is a muzzleloader that is going to need to be refinished in brown but I've got 2 Savage 99's, a Remington 14, Swiss 7.5, Spanish 1916 , 3 SMLE's, 30-40 Krag sporter, and a handful of others I haven't even looked at yet that will probably need complete rebluing. The Laurel Mountain stuff sounds pretty straight forward from their website description but I would like to hear some opinions on the quality of the blueing color? I've worked with Herters Belgian Blue but am looking at the LM product as an option. Unless the owner wants them done with a quick cold blue my preference is to

    The Spanish Mauser(barrels shot but I want the receiver and parts for a rebuild)is part payment but I really want one of those old Savage 99's for cleaning up these poor mistreated rifles.:)