Latest Java software opens PCs to hackers: experts

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    Some information. Passing it on!

    Latest Java software opens PCs to hackers: experts

    Computer security firms are urging PC users to disable Java software in their browsers, saying the widely installed, free software from Oracle Corp opens machines to hacker attacks and there is no way to defend against them.

    Researchers have identified code that attacks machines by exploiting a newly discovered flaw in the latest version of Java. Once in, a second piece of software called "Poison Ivy" is released that lets hackers gain control of the infected computer, said Jaime Blasco, a research manager with AlienVault Labs.

    Several security firms advised users to immediately disable Java software -- installed in some form on the vast majority of personal computers around the world -- in their Internet browsers.
    Computers can get infected without their users' knowledge simply by a visit to any website that has been compromised by hackers

    Rapid7 has set up a web page that tells users whether their browser has a Java plug-in installed that is vulnerable to attack:

    How to Unplug Java from the Browser

    Instructions on turning off Java in your browser are at the following web site.
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    Thanks for the heads up.