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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Rentacop, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Rentacop

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    Here are the latest Glock Accidents and ADs that I've heard about :
    1) A guy about to repair a customer's Glock somehow had his hand ahead of the muzzle as he attempted to field strip a loaded Glock. He must have been holding the duisaambly tabs. He pulled the trigger to move it rearward and shot himself through the hand. Similar things happened to two guys who posted on The Gun Zone long ago.:eek:

    [ Sounds of JD and Canebrake tittering ] :)

    2) A guard ADed a Glock in a rest room stall, explaining to his employer that the gun slipped out of its holster after he removed it, something snagged the trigger, and it fired. :confused:

    { JD weighs in with deleted expletives }

    3) A guard shot himself ( grazing leg wound ) during range qualification. Maybe his finger was on the trigger as he re-holstered and was pushed by the holster.

    JD and Canebrake note the absence of a safety catch }:)
  2. Rentacop

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    Safety Tips !
    Forgot to mention :
    Whenever, you stop firing and are about to reholster your gun, go to a low ready position first, make sure your finger is up on the frame and then reholster one-handed. There is never a hurry about reholstering.

    Never remove your gun from the holster during a tour of duty { JD interrupts to ask what happens if you have to shoot someone }LOL

    To field strip a Glock, dry fire it at a sand bucket or other solid safe backstop. Do not grab the takedown levers while dry firing it.

    Try this link for more on safety : Negligent Discharge

  3. Dillinger

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    I got to give it to you - that took balls that clank to post that and open yourself up like that.

    *much respect*

    I got nothing to say - you have pretty much covered the cause, the result and what not to do to have this happen to you.

    You're definitely growing on me....:p

  4. Rentacop

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    Thanks JD
    Here's another case of an AD when re-holstering :
    Link : G-man accidentally shoots Downtown sidewalk

    From article of 6/09 :
    Federal agents are still looking for the bullet that was accidentally fired by an F.B.I. agent, at about 1 p.m. Tues., May 23 after two men involved in a bank fraud case were arrested, said Special Agent James Margolin of the New York F.B.I. office. “The shell casing was recovered but the actual bullet has not been located,” said Margolin. “The best indication is that it went directly into the sidewalk.”

    Captain Anthony Bologna, commander of the First Precinct, said with a chuckle that the gun went off when the agent went to put his gun back in his holster.
    NOTE- They did not specify if it was a Glock.
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  5. Carne Frio

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    Glocks are not "Stupid Proof".:D
  6. hawkman1

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    But Glocks are proven to find stupids! :rolleyes:
  7. G21.45

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    :) Actually, this subject and the reasons, 'Why' haven't really been covered. Firearm safety rules are never genuinely useful as long as they remain nothing more than mental safety rules. In order for any firearm safety rule to work it has to become an everyday personal habit - One that is instinctively NEVER violated.

    If someone who's disassembling a Glock hasn't first racked the slide, at least, thrice and then locked it open for both visual AND tactile inspection, well ...... he's made a serious firearm handling mistake - One that clearly violates the user instructions in Glock's Owner's Manual.

    If someone who's working on a Glock, or any other pistol, covers his own hand with the muzzle then he needs to start learning basic firearm safety all over again. Obviously, he missed one of the really important points about firearm safety the first time around. (Cooper's Second Safety Rule: 'Never allow the muzzle to, so much as cross, anything you are unwilling to see destroyed.')

    Anytime someone discharges a sidearm in a toilet, the mistake belongs entirely unto that person and his misplaced trigger finger. The only exception is, maybe, when a pistol is being reholstered and the edge of the trigger catches the side of the holster; but, this is an extraordinary circumstance. It's far more likely that the user's lazy or forgetful trigger finger is the real problem.

    You don't need to go to a, 'low ready' position in order to prepare to reholster a Glock. You should IMMEDIATELY remove your finger from inside the triggerguard and place it along the side of the frame the moment you stop firing and begin to look over the top of the slide. (If you've been trained to hook the distal joint and place the tip of your trigger finger on the edge of the triggerguard in the same way that Ayoob and I do - Fine! Just remember to be consistent.)

    If you wait until moving to, 'low ready' before removing your trigger finger from inside the guard, then, your pistol shooting reflexes have not been properly conditioned. (I watched a shooter do this just the other day. That delay, no matter how brief, can be lethal!)

    The OP is correct: Glock pistols are NOT as safe as they could be. I could write a post several pages long on, 'Why Not'. (But, I won't!) :D In fact I live with a Glock pistol, just about, 24 hours a day. Neither do I fault any of my Israeli acquaintances who have been trained and are required to carry all of their personal sidearms in C-3. Inside a civilian residential environment, C-3 is often (But, not always) the safest method of regular carry.
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    Glocks have the ghey....
  9. Hot Sauce NARC

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    NO! Weapon is stupid proof

    People have Ad's with all kinds of weapons even 1911's :)

    You put any weapon in the hands of a retard and bad things will happen.
  10. meek

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    I thought the simplicy of action ment glocks were intended for a more expireinced crowd. And if you blow your hand off you should never be allowed to own a fire arm ever again. There should be some sort of stupid rule that allows your friends to take things away from you if you use them to dismember yourself.
  11. Gatekeeper

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    Another helpful post^^^^:rolleyes:

    Seriously Are the AD's from a lack of training? Stupidity, Carelessness?
    If you can use a double action revolver safely a glock is the same principal.

    Whats the excuse??? "OMG!! I pulled the trigger and the gun just went off" Yep poor design there:rolleyes:
    Finger off trigger until ready to fire. Dont let muzzle cover anything you're not willing to destroy.

    G21.45 Well said.
  12. jeepcreep927

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    Well stated. Nuff said.
  13. Rentacop

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    Misunderstanding here. I never recommended waiting until you go to low ready to remove your finger from the trigger. I recommended the "low ready and think" step for added safety in reholstering.
  14. canebrake

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    There is no such thing as an Accidental Discharge!


    There are only Negligent Discharges.

  15. Rentacop

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    A little follow-up to the original post :
    The guard who shot himself while reholstering suffered enough injury to require 3 days in the hospital. It was indeed a case of the holster pushing the trigger finger.

    The guard who fired the shot in the bathroom stall was himself fired, I hear.

    The gun shop guy who shot himself through the hand had loaded the gun absent-mindedly. The customer had left the gun empty. The hand injury caused nerve damage but a full recovery is possible.
  16. Glock17TJ

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    I guess the guy that shot himself in the hand missed the day in class where they say treat every weapon as it is loaded. I always drop the mag, cycle the slide and then lock the slide back to check for any round that might be in the chamber. I will aim the gun in SAFE Area and pull the trigger and I know the gun is not loaded because I checked and double checked and then checked again...
  17. Rentacop

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    Hope I did not accidentally give the impression that I am blaming the Glocks or that I am unaware of the many safety violations that led to these mishaps.

    This is a Glock forum and these matters involved Glocks, so I thought it was of interest.
    Glocks are unforgiving of human error and require special care because they must be dry snapped to be field stripped.

    Awhile back, humor columnist Dave Barry published a list of gun safety rules that began :
    RULE One : Never load your gun.
    ( LOL)
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    Just goes to show you, don't play with your loaded guns when you are pooping.:D
  19. AFPVet

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    LOL that is funny!
  20. Rentacop

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    This story beats all. They say a guard on a federal contract was shooting the ICE Course for qualification. He was described as an African immigrant. According to the story, he crossed his weak hand thumb behind the slide and the slide cut it open. He so desired to pass the test that he kept on shooting until he completed the course of fire, " bloodied but unbowed ". When the range officers saw all the blood on his shirt, they thought he'd shot himself. He then handed over the gun to a range officer, who then realized the gun had blood on it. EEEEW !

    P.S. He scored too low to pass, anyway.