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    Ok, I don't know if you read my "Great weekend report" post or not. During the 5 hrs at the gun/hunt club my friend (heretofore known as Rafael) and I shot pistols between clays and rifle.

    Here's the gist. We took his father's S&W 1911, 5" barrel, stainless and ambi safety. We also took a Hi-Point .45 I have. The range they have there is not set up for range pics so don't ask for any. All I can say is that this is a true story, and I know I need a 1911.

    We shot roughly 100 rounds total and nearly even % (HP holds 9). There were no feed or fire issues with either weapon. There were isssues with the Smithy in function...

    My 3rd shot resulted with the 'tang' from the safety on the left side popping off (actually hit me above my left eye atop the goggle line). Not the whole knob, but the 'tang'. Also, the slide did not lock open after the last shot.

    I was bothered and concerned with how Rafael's father would react. It was his pistol and he was not there. He does have the attitude of take and use whatever you want, just clean them well when done. Keep in mind that he has stuff that has never been fired.

    Upon telling him, he just said, "Not a big deal." He looked at it and said he had the same in 9 mm and he could just switch the safeties. Ok, all good. When he said that he got that 1911 thru a friend that had 16 of them as police trades and he paid less than $250.00 for it, I cracked a beer.

    So, the 'tang' coulda been cracked, but why no lock open?
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    Tang could have been a MIM part and could have been worn previously.

    One of the big reasons I don't like MIM parts in my weapons.

    As to why the slide didn't lock open? Could be a worn, or sheared, slide lock. Could have been a problem with the mag.

    Were you able to lock the slide open manually? At all?

  3. skullcrusher

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    Yes, but only with the slide lock. The hammer did not stay cocked with the last rack of the slide (feed first round) on the last mag either.

    The safety assembly is obviously cast alumunum.