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    I saw browsing for an Arisaka on GunBroker, and I came across a last ditch that supposedly was a vet bring back from Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima, and the description says it still has the mum (which could support the notion of it being a battlefield pickup). But in the pictures, there is a strip of discoloration where the mum is that could mean it was partially ground post-capture, but the picture isn't close enough to get a good view of the mum. Now I know not to believe the story, and I follow the "buy the gun, not the story" rule, but this got me thinking. Did the Japanese issue last ditch (Substitute Standard) rifles to frontline combat troops? Or were they held back for the defense of the homeland or sent to "reserve" (reserve isn't the most appropriate term for the state of Japanese troops at this point in the war) troops in China, Korea, ect? I know massive amounts of surrendered Japanese arms were piled up after the surrender, and mums were ground and piled up for souvenirs for GIs going home. All input and feedback is greatly appreciated! I can post the link to the auction, which has almost two days left at this point, but I'm not sure if that's against forum rules or frowned upon. Thank you!
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    for information purposes you can post it but not if it is advertising.

    there are a LOT of "mt suribachi" rifles out there. way more by many magnitudes than the japenese brought...

    all of the shoddy arisaka "fakes" where ground off and restamped later on. there are some legit non-ground rifles. they carry a slight premium.

    all arisaka are extremely strong actions. there were a lot of end war rough guns but none of those found their way to iwo jima. the troops on iwo were veteran combat troops brought out of the chinese theater when the moron general mcarthur skipped iwo giving the japanese a year to dig in and re-enforce. all the japanese on iwo had top line gear as they had been sitting there prepping for a year.

    so, no legit iwo bring back will be an end war rough made rifle.

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    MacArthur was in the Philippines, I've never heard of him being part of Iwo jima. Sorry to change the subject. But I believe there could have been last ditch rifles used at this time. As the US was getting closer to mainland japan, the Japanese might have been getting short on material at that time.

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    There are 3 "Types" of type 99's... early, substitute, and late (last ditch) models.
    It is possible, I suppose... The last ditch rifles started in 1944, if I remember correctly..
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    Thank you all for your replies. I couldn't find the auction again, so I don't know if it sold or not. I always find it interesting seeing some of the BS-ish stories people include with milsurps. Buy the gun, not the story!
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    You might find some useful info here. It needs to be wound back about 3 minutes to the correct starting position.