Last day of Vacation with my First Six at the Range

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    I spent the last day of my vacation at the range with the first Security Six I ever bought. Its not a rare one, it has the stupid warning, and I bought it sans grips but damn it can still shoot. I dumped 150 Fiocchi Extrema 158gr 357 mag XTP loads through her and 100 38 SPL Magtech FMJs, 125 grain I think. It has always been more accurate with the magnum loads so I always shoot more of them.

    Well, I had to post this target. It was, honest to god, at 35 yards in DA and I don't care who believes that, I know it was :p

    The shots in the "C" zone above the "A" were when I was trying to transition from chest to head shots and having trouble seeing the target; eyes not as good as they once were, :eek: I was using a spotter scope to check my hits after each cylinder.

    Anyways She is the one farthest to the left with the Kingswood grips after a good polish. The target is below:

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    Compliments on good shooting! Sometimes it is nice to pickup and use a revolver and show how things used to be done.