Laserspeed Green Laser/Light Combo???

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    Anybody seen or used this laser/light combo. You can either get it in red or green(my preference). Im sure its made in China. It looks like it has the exact same dimensions as the TLR-2s. Im sure one one you with the TLR can make a comparison. Here are the only two spots I can find that sells them. $190 for a green laser (better day/night visibility) with a max light output of 225 lumens. That seems like one hell of a value. I ask about the dimensions because Raven Concealment sells a IWB holster for a railed 1911 and other guns that lets you keep the light attached, and a TLR-2 with a 1911 is one of the options. Opinions please.

    LaserSpeed Strobe Tactical Light with Green Laser - 220 lumens Laserspeed Handgun Green Laser Sight with 220 lumen Strobe Flashlight V.3 (SP version): Sports & Outdoors
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