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  1. SmokyMtnHiker

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    Anybody have any experience with the LaserMax brand, good or bad? Particularly the LaserMax Uni-Max is the reasonably priced rail-mounted pistol laser.
  2. JonM

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    my lcp came with a lasermax. it was new from the factory batteries ran out inside of 3 weeks. i havent bothered replacing them as the laser came with the gun and it breaks up the outline in the pocket.

    i didnt leave it on or anything just occasional usage as a cat teaser.

    i dont think it was ever turned on in the holster as it was never on when i removed it from my pocket holster. it seemed to hold zero under recoil but i found it less than useful for its intended use. it makes a great bit of camoflage but i wouldnt spend money to buy one to put on a gun.

    i found it next to useless in daylight or indoor lighting.