Laser light for my XD 40

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by woody63m, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. woody63m

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    N all the gun magazines I've read lately I keep seeing the same laser light combos on alot of the handguns it's made by viridian I was thinking about getting one for my XD40 which I conceal carry by day and stays on my night stand while I try to sleep obviously I wouldn't have it o. There during the day but at night it could be nifty anybody have o e or know anything about them
  2. Jeff56

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    Don't know about the Viridian but I do know about the LaserLyte red lasers. I have one on my Taurus PT145 and it works very well. It's never lost zero even once despite being on a compact .45 ACP.

    My point is that you don't have to spend top dollar on lasers for them to work. The latest LaserLyte V3 (smallest laser on the market) sells for $75. I see green lasers for sale for not much more than that. If they hold zero they should work fine. Of course there's no guarantee of that but I have a laser on a .22 that cost like $30 and I've been using it for a decade or more and it still works perfectly.

    Check out this web page for other green lasers and the Viridian for certain guns. You'll notice a big price range. It's been my experience that the cheap lasers work quite well. YMMV as always.

  3. t05ks

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    I recently purchased an XDM 4.5 in bi-tone (9mm). I also purchased the Viridian SXD laser sight for it. The green works quite well in the daylight, where the 'red' may not. The SXD mounts quite firmly on the rail, easy to install and remove. I have not had to adjust the sight after remounting. I found the Viridian SXD on line for under $200 with a free pistol case and a free holster that fits the XDM with the laser sight attached. Other than looking cool on the XDM I'm still not sure if its a "have to have" attachment. The green light did look cool at the indoor range the other day after the lane got a little 'smoked up'.