laser for glock 23

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by hongsx, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. hongsx

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    hey guys, i have a glock 23 that im thinking of getting a laser for.

    please help me out here and give me feedback and whatnot.

    i guess i've got three choices:

    1) lasermax internal laser

    2) rail laser

    3) grip laser attached to grip of glock (hence the name)

    please help me! lol
  2. Dillinger

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    Hong - Personally, I would recommend against putting a laser on your pistol for one glaring reason: Lasers point two ways. Not only does it show your opponent where you are aiming, it shows them where you are doing it from, your angle of fire, your distance & just about everything they need to return fire in your direction.

    However, of the choices that you have listed, I would opt for the rail laser if you put a gun to my head and made me choose. ;)

    The internal op-rod style lasers were big for while, but they seemed to have problems after a few hundred rounds with the light source causing more of a spread pattern ( called splashing ) then keeping a nice, tight, crisp dot.

    The grip site, which is this weird half wrap around unit works alright, I bought one for my Sig way back in the day as a straight grio replacement model. It worked fine, but on the Glock it changes the grip profile and I have just never been cool with it personally.

    So, there's my $0.02

  3. falseharmonix

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    While this isn't a laser, I just ordered the Glock tactical light. I'm never around a flashlight when I need it, so when things go bump in the night, I'd like to have my G19 and light ready to go. I figure if I can see my target, I have a much better chance of hitting it.

    I know the tactical lights do have model with laser on it, but the best price I've seen so far is $250 at glockworld.
  4. wolfshead

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  5. Glock you

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    I have a viridian green for my G17 and love it and dillinger,do you walk around with the laser on all the time,if so you need to change your approach and learn to use the laser correctly...;)

    A laser is to focus in on a target,not to find a target.
  6. Comp23

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    I have a lasermax on my glock 26 and love it. I have around 3500rds thru it with no problems.
  7. Mark F

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    I have a Laserlyte on my .45 and it works OK.
  8. CHLChris

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    Crimson Trace benefit

    I just bought a new Glock 19 today with CT on the grip. I noticed something pretty cool that I hadn't visualized before I actually had it in my hands.

    With my trigger finger in the appropriate place before firing (which is on the slide, up and away from the trigger guard), the laser is blocked. This means that, until I have found my target (the BG) and placed my finger on the trigger to fire, the laser isn't giving away my presence or my position.

    Something about giving away the shooter's position: lasers don't behave like they do in the movies, with a visible beam of light from end to end. There is definitely a shiny red dot where I am and a shiny red dot on the BG's chest, but unless the BG knows where to look, there is no beam of light for them to follow to my position.

    Is there something I am missing?

    Either way, I adjusted my grip-mounted Crimson Trace to intersect the bullet's arc at 20 feet, the distance from my bedroom door to the start of the hallway. Any closer and the laser is low and right from the actual bullet entry...any farther away and the laser is high and left. But the difference should be negligible.