laser and flashlight cost

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  1. robertusa123

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    Why is it. Some lasers cost almost as much and sometimes more than the gun they are going on. When I leaterly can buy a laser pointer and flashlight combo at home depot for 1 dollor. And to be fare a good quality flashlight or lazer for 20 bucks
  2. zombieslayer37

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    Yea I got a laser light combo off Ebay and it cost me 30 dollars and its works just as good as any of the name brand and the light its brighter then most of them

  3. SSGN_Doc

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    Many of the cheap lasers really won't hold up over time. Also, most folks end up figuring out that lasers really have limited use on a gun. YOu can set one, but it is only going to be exactly on target at exactly one distance (it actually could be on at two distances if the conditions and set-up were ideal). A laser is bright and can give your location away as well.

    Now if you run night vision and and infra red laser for identifying targets to heavy guns, then there may be a good use fo a laser. Of course these cost a bit more.

    I just wouldn't waste my money on a laser, period (unless it was a toy for the dog to chase around).
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    I believe the same holds true for a scope and open sights. However with a good scope and knowing what your doing you can adjust for distance and windage
  5. c3shooter

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    Lasers are a bit like scopes.

    A. Cheap

    B. Good

    Pick one.

    They do not really appeal to me, other than the laser/gooseneck light I use as a bore light, but the $1 lights will probably come up short on reliability from recoil, etc.