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The Crossroads of the West gun show is in Las Vegas this weekend. This is what I saw.
I spent 1 hour in line to get in the door. Then I spent 1 ½ hours in the ammo line, only to miss out on .223/556 by four people. They sold out by noon. People were buying 2 to 5 thousand rounds each. I did get to stock up on .45 auto.
The guns were selling, except not much movement on the AR platforms. They were way high in price. I saw an S&W AR for $1500, and a colt LE for $2450 Outrageous prices. Hand guns were up in price, but not nearly as bad as the AR,s. Pretty much, the ammo was up in price, but not as bad as I had figured. I got 1000, rounds of Win. white box, 45 auto for $358 out the door.
There were a lot of people selling their personal guns, a few AR,s and a lot of hunting guns. Again the AR,s were way up in price.
Got home and remembered I forgot to look for 1911 magazines. :( I don't know if I want to fight the crowd again tomorrow. I guess I will order some.
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