LaRue Tactical = Excellent Rating From Me

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Dillinger, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Recently I have had a need to order several products from LaRue Tactical specifically by customer request, or personal need.

    As many of you know, an acquaintance of mine recently sold his AR Upper and after much debate decided to order a LaRue Upper for his lower, test it and go from there.

    Another customer from the shop just got back from the sandbox, his second trip on a "private" job assignment and wanted a LaRue 7.62mm OBR.

    In addition, I picked up a new stock from Junho on his AR sale, so I needed to upgrade my sling to take advantage of the new connection points.

    In every transaction with LaRue, I have received an e-mail almost immediately confirming what I ordered and what it would cost. I was also provided an order number, right next to a contact number, and an invitation to call with any questions.

    In the cases of the OBR and the Upper, there was a backlog and with a simple call, I was able to get an estimate on delivery. I called during normal business hours. There was no "push X for this language", it was answered by a human being who looked up my order and provided the information necessary.

    That is a big plus to me!

    I have disdain for automated systems that keep you bouncing around until you FINALLY reach some moron in another country who can't do a damn thing for you. Granted, LaRue Tactical isn't Direct TV, and I for one, am EXTREMELY happy about that.

    I got a confirmation that my sling has shipped, with a tracking number and it arrived today just as promised.

    Inside the well packed box was my sling, that is no big deal. I got this one if you are interested.

    What was a big deal, to me, is that there was also (2) LaRue Tactical bumper stickers, a "Tactical Beverage Tool ( bottle opener ), a copy of the Constitution in a pocket carry format and a copy of LaRue's "If you ain't happy, we ain't happy" guarantee, along with a return/exchange form on the back side.

    If there was a problem, everything I needed was right there for me. I didn't need to call a number or go to their website to download and print a form.

    The product was as expected, top shelf, well made, fit the stock exactly as it was supposed to do - basically there were no problems what so ever.

    The fact that LaRue put all the extra "feel good" stuff in the package was great, but knowing that everything I needed SHOULD there be a problem, was right there in my hands from the moment I opened the box, meant a great deal to me.

    I would just like to publicly say that I am very impressed with LaRue Tactical's products and customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking to buy custom parts for their SHTF platforms, regardless of where you bought them.

    I am JD and I approve of LaRue Tactical as an approved source for quality goods.

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    I second the positive feedback for LaRue. I have met the owner personally and he's a solid guy. I had a quick detach rail for my last AR and it was awesome. Great quality from a great company. I wear a LaRue Tactical hat daily at work and never fail to recommended them to everyone who asks.

    Good company, good stuff.

  3. lonyaeger

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    I got the same sling from LaRue.

    I have ordered several items from them, and I've had the same great experience. Their customer service is fantastic, no BS, and the extra little goodies, which don't cost them a lot but mean a lot, are an extra bonus that I won't forget. I've gotten LaRue Tactical hats and spice rub from them, along with the beverage tool and bumper stickers.

    Truly a great American company who knows how to take care of their customers!
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    They are just up the road from me, but I have never visited. My work partner is a regular at their place. He shot the LaRue 3-gun a couple of weeks ago. He said even the last place shooter got more than his entry fee off the prize table.