LAPD Officer Criticized For Killing Knife Wielding Attacker

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by alsaqr, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. alsaqr

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    Yep, they're attacking the cop because she is a serious competitive shooter.

    "LOS ANGELES, CA -An LAPD Officer was forced to shoot a man armed with a knife and now she is coming under fire because she’s also a competitive shooter and social-media influencer.

    In a time where police training is coming into question, we are criticizing an officer who trains more often than most with her firearm?

    There has to be more to the story.

    Rookie Police Officer Toni McBride is a professional shooter for Taran Tactical Innovations out of Simi Valley California."
  2. Sniper03

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    I only wish we could put these Liberal Snow Flakes in our officers position. Of course we would probably clean out several of them from our society. And no longer be having to put up with their BS!
    Good for Her! GREAT JOB!:D Training & Marksmanship!;) Not to mention she is one good looking Lady!:)


  3. G66enigma

    G66enigma Well-Known Member

    Yup. Functioning bodycam; clear instructions; clearly-angry and -agitated person, threatening murder and rapidly advancing. Great job, it looks like.

    I suspect the average snowflake in the back yard wouldn't do half as well, in a similar situation.
  4. primer1

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    When I first saw the video of the shooting, my first reaction was the fifth and sixth shot didn't seem needed. That's the only potential wrongdoing she performed, in my not so expert opinion, not being a cop, never had to shoot someone, as I sit in my padded chair drinking coffee.

    I hope the best for her.
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  5. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Bless her heart!:)
    Wish we had more like her.
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  6. Capacitor

    Capacitor Active Member

    Does LAPD have tasers? It looks to be a long shot so maybe tasers don’t go that far. She saved the city a lot of money as long as they don’t get sued.
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  7. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member Supporter

    Incident is on camera. Idiot took a knife to a gun fight and lost. i can't see a lawsuit against the city going very far.
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  8. G66enigma

    G66enigma Well-Known Member

    A "long shot" is a good word for it.

    Might have worked. But, had it failed to connect, or failed to stop the guy, she'd have been dead. That's an awful chance to take, when some manifestly murderous idiot is charging with every means of murder in his hand.

    Far smarter to trump his choice with something almost certain to work, instead of taking that risk.
  9. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    35ft max with Taser, and at that range, not certain to connect with both probes. Looked good to me, but I'm not on her Shooting Review Board.
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  10. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    Always the best course of action when dealing with an obviously irrational citizen, autopsy substantiated on substances, 20-30 feet way while holding a box cutter and who wasn’t near anybody, officers or other citizens...

    yet shoot them twice and while The suspect is on the ground in a wounded position shoot them four more times - killing them!

    you do not presume this infamous instagram competition show woman might have had competition muscle memory kicK in and she truly zoned out forgetting she was target practicing on a human being on a city street not some glittering competition in front of the YouTube cameras!

    sorry there’s just gotta be a better way than shooting to kill!
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  11. dango

    dango Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    How rational can a human being be in split seconds in a potential life or death situation ?
    It's not the range but real life ?
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  12. AgedWarrior

    AgedWarrior Well-Known Member

    The body cam footage showed that he was still agitated and getting back to his feet with what looked like intent to do harm after the first two shots. Subsequent shots put an end to the threat. I kind of wonder about the last two shots being necessary, but I was not on the scene dealing with what turned out to be a drug induced homicidal man with a knife. I thought she did good, but I was a bit concerned with the distant bystanders when she fired, though it was difficult to really determine her line of fire in relation to the innocents through the footage I saw.
    It sounds as though she is getting a lot of flak for being the daughter of a rather outspoken detective...her father and the fact that she trains a lot.

    We need cops like her!
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  13. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    The ONLY time a taser should be used when a LEO is confronted with lethal force is when THE LEO HAS ANOTHER OFFICER BACKING THEM UP WITH LETHAL FORCE. The reason for this is that the taser, or any less than lethal, MANY not stop the attacker and then that officer can not transition to lethal force quick enough to stop the threat.
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  14. BlackGuns4Fun

    BlackGuns4Fun Well-Known Member

    Yeah, just shoot them in the leg like uncle Joe says...

    More on.
  15. SK2344

    SK2344 Active Member

    This was a Good Shoot and those MORONS that have her under fire, will soon be silenced!
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  16. Ghost1958

    Ghost1958 Well-Known Member

    Jimrau is correct. A taser is never employed unless a 2nd officer is backing up the officer using it with a lethal weapon in case the taser fails to work .
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  17. Mcsorleyprobert

    Mcsorleyprobert Active Member


    spoke to my Godson, a super liberal kid, who don’t know better.

    I gave him a scenario, “ 2-3 hoodlums kick in his door, armed with guns, his Father and brother, sister asleep, say at 2-4 am, ....he told me “I have a bat, you don’t know how mad and crazy I can be”
    I told him they have guns, he just kept getting louder, about his abilities with a bat and his ferocious attitude, and ninja like abilities.

    I said “your a moron” you can never take a knife to a gunfight, you will lose. His liberal loudness, and ninja like abilities, will kill all perpetrators with a bat, as his anger and 110 lb frame will end the insurgent break in.
    as he said “ you don’t know my anger and abilities etc”

    I told him you will be dead the minute you show up, he is a lightweight, and a doper, smokes a lot of the now legal Mary Jane crap.
    He still insists he could disarm 2-3 intruders packing heat with a bat, as his anger alone would make him a Bruce Lee 20 year student.

    He still keeps his words, despite the truth and outcome!

    We all try to o talk to him, but his ways, these libs don’t listen, they are in their own world.

    I pray they never get a break in.
    Sigh.......I’m at a loss, I absolutely love my Godson, but his thoughts are just to hard to stomach.

    Anyway, we all hope he has a change of heart.
  18. Mcsorleyprobert

    Mcsorleyprobert Active Member

    Fwiw, this was a good shoot.
    Stood her ground, gave orders, which he should have complied with immediatelyw.

    Play stupid all know the rest.
  19. Mcsorleyprobert

    Mcsorleyprobert Active Member

    An officer orders u to drop anything, pliers, screwdriver, knife, anything, you do it, drop it, lay down and hands behind back if the situation calls for it.

    I don’t get the thought process behind these idiots, and trying to charge an officer with a knife, or any other item.

    Dumb people.
    Orders given- obey or pay the price.

    I have always obeyed the officers, I had a situation years ago on 4th of July with my AK,
    4 squads rolled up, guns drawn, “drop the rifle!!”

    Rifle dropped, laid on ground, waited for cuffs.

    I was buzzed, but I’m not stupid.
    Some people are just Eejits!

    Back the blue!
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  20. G66enigma

    G66enigma Well-Known Member

    It is disheartening, isn't it, when shallow thinkers without experience in such matters think so strongly their determination, alone, will win such a battle.

    It's pure, unadulterated fantasy.

    He might just incapacitate one, perhaps even two, at least temporarily. But he'd first need to close the distance ... and swing that thing in a hallway or near a wall. And his actions wouldn't happen in a vacuum; those perps would be angered and "defend" themselves.

    Sounds to me like 10yrs of unarmed martial arts training might do him good. It'd strengthen him up, give him some perspective, shatter his illusions, teach him humility and a bit of wisdom. Even a doper could learn something, at the hands of others who don't care about him or his illusions. It'd be handed to him on a plate, and it couldn't be ignored.

    Good example, the "0'dark-thirty" thing. It's what I use as well. It's impossible to get around. It's a stacked deck. It occurs often. And there are no easy "outs" when it occurs.

    (Many of my extended family members think shallowly about all of this stuff, as well. Imagining they'll be able to rely upon the mercy and decency of those threatening their murders. Though, how they come to that conclusion is beyond me. They, too, disbelieve the "2am" thing, because it's hypothetical.)

    Police aren't immune, either. Attempting to use a Taser in the OP situation would be a similar wishful fantasy, betting the "ranch" on the outcome. Those who are so believing of the power of command that they'll wait 'til the last moment before terminating a murderous attack ... well, that, too, is a fantastic approach. Good way to get killed. Thankfully, in this situation (of the OP news story), the officer in question treated the would-be murderous perp for what he was: a dire and deadly threat aggressively approaching to within ~12ft with the means of slicing her up completely. As she showed, if you want surety of outcome then you'd better not be bringing "a knife to a gunfight." Amen, to that.
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