Lake City '06 Ammo

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    I scored about 330 rounds of new LC in a package buy including 3 rifles with scopes, a used 3-9 Simmons scope, like new RCBS RC2 press 5 boxes of FMJ federal 9mm and 2 hard cases. I think I did pretty well but have heard the new LC stuff is no longer available. I'm getting back into shooting after 10 years. Does anybody know the value of the LC stuff? I'm not parting with it but interested in it's value alone in the package.
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    Caliber? Lake City Armory is a government owned facility dating back to before WWII. They made millions of rounds of .30-06 from the 30's til perhaps the 70's. Lake City is now operated under contract by Federal. They make primarily 5.56 ammo. Readily available on the public market as overrun ammo. LC amo is good quality, but not particularly collectible or more valuable than other ammo

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    What is the headstamp date on it? Last LC .30-06 I bought was at CMP in Anmniston about 5 years ago.