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    I don't know why it is, and I'll probably NEVER live long enough to completely understand WHY, but some women, should not be trained how to drive or shoot, by their husbands. I know for sure the German I'm hooked up with does not think that I have the patience to get a kitten to pee in the litter box. This is why our gun club offers classes such as these:


    For some reason, the gals that get involved with these classes are much more attentive, and I know dang well, they have spouses, whom, I'm sure they love dearly. The ladies that take these classes, some of which were deathly afraid of guns, went away with a much different understanding about how these guns can and should be used. Some even said they had a very good time shooting.
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    Key word there are "by their husbands". I will add "or boyfriends".

    Short story, went to a local indoor range with a friend, his wife, and the wifes friend. Wifes friend had no previous exposure to firearms. As a side note I think this was meant to be a "fix his friend up with her friend kind of thing" so we were sorta put together.

    Anyhow I had my Browning Buckmark with me and an amply supply of .22lr ammo. I went though basic safety rules, explained how the to use the sights, all of the usual stuff. Had her shooting reasonable groups for a beginner and enjoying herself. I might have turned her into at least a neutral if not an enthusiast if when we had about 10 minutes left of our hour some jackass hadn't come into the range with his wife/girlfriend and mostly just screamed at her while thinking he was teaching her.

    I could see in the girl I was teachings eyes that her preconceptions were being reinforced and my friend and I who are quiet reasonable guys were the exception and the jackass in the next lane was the true "gunguy". Of course he was waving around an AR while he was screaming at her which didn't help. Sad part is she really seemed to have fun until he showed up.
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    My wife’s S&W is the only equalizer she needs and she’s deadly with it or her shotgun full fo 00-Buckshot. I pity the poor fool that breaks in on her! What I’m trying to say is that women are as capable as any man when it comes to self defense with a gun.
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    it all depends upon the couple. now, with my wife, i didn't really have to teach her to shoot, as her father took care of that job many years ago. but, any new guns that are acquired, i give her instruction and training in how the gun operates and it's features. i also shoot it first, so she has some expectation of seeing of how it recoils.

    and for some strange reason, she does very, very well with revolvers. deadly accurate, and can sometimes even outshoot all of us when we're practicing. she's passable with semi-auto pistols. not bad, but not great.
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    Please explain to the lady you were shooting with that some men are idiot control freaks and he would have been screaming at his wife even if he were teaching her how to play croquet. It had nothing to do with the activity, it had to do with the man’s crappy personality.
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    totally agree. well said Mrs. Balota. :)
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    As it happens, I am teaching my Son's fiance the NRA basic pistol course later today. My son is a very experienced and very safe shooter but he asked me to work with her. It was a wise decision. The lessons will carry more weight coming from me.

    I have taught this class to a lot of women and the truth is that they generally do better than the men. I especially enjoy teaching them when they have never handled guns before. They don't have any bad habits to unlearn. I will not teach my class to more than two people at the time; usually couples. I try to make it a discussion among friends with as little pressure as possible. The only thing I am inflexible about is safety.
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  8. Shopfox

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    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center did my wife's training for her :) She came into the marriage better trained than me :)
  9. SGWGunsmith

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    The sort of activity that "jack-wagon" in the next shooting lane displayed goes beyond abysmal. His student most likely shut down on the learning process as soon as the shouting started.
    It takes the patience of Job when training anybody how to get along with and safely handle firearms, as far as I'm concerned. Frequent questions need to be encouraged, and the answers to those questions must be understood, and made sure that they are.
    We've put a lot of folks through CCW classes and taught many classes beyond the basics of safe gun handling.
    It may surprise some that "first timers" sometimes don't understand that when a magazine is removed, that action doesn't always make the pistol safe. Once shown the difference between a double action revolver and a semi-automatic pistol, you can see the look of understanding actually develope.
    We work hard to make the learning process for the students as much fun as the instructors are having. Lessons seem to be more acceptable and understandable when everyone is calm.
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    At a range, idiot bf was teaching his lady to shoot a shorter barrel 45. My wife grabbed her to shoot her fav carry firearm, and I took the opportunity to let her shoot my comp 9mm with the light load. It also allowed me to correct a couple of her errors... this gun woks better if you slam the magazine into place, as she was gently pressing it in place on the 45. She was also riding the slide.

    Never once challenging the idiot bf's training, but passively showing how to correctly handle a firearm. She was actually pretty good and would respond well to professional training. We didn't think the relationship was going to be a long term one.