L.A. Riots & Other things that 'can't happen'...

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  1. Never been in a bad situation, that's why my nick is 'lucky'.

  2. Riot.

  3. War.

  4. Hurricane.

  5. Tornado.

  6. Attacked by dog.

  7. Attacked by criminal.

  8. Vehicle crash.

  9. Pedestrian/bicyclist-hit by car.

  10. I'll post it-you won't believe it until you hear it.

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  1. themanbeau

    themanbeau New Member

    Hey, Firetalkers-

    Saw this posted on the web, and it got me to thinking/remembering:

    The reference to the year 1992 brings back memories of another disaster
    (this one at least 'natural') that occurred that year-Hurricane Andrew! To
    make a long story readable, I will condense it down to just the firearms

    I was in S.E. Texas at the time, and it was (long) predicted that it would
    hit us. So, there was more than ample time to prepare, and I ended up in
    our trailer park with a Model 66 on my hip, and an 870 in my hands,
    patrolling on foot (that park was pretty small). While doing so, and before
    most of the residents had evacuated, the local gendarmes drove through,
    at a fairly quick clip. They asked me about the guns, and my statement
    was that they were for the protection of my property. One of them said,
    "good, because we are busy, and need all the help we can get." The story
    (then) had a 'happy ending', at least for Texas. The storm struck S.W.
    Louisiana, instead. :(

    It was a queer (using the word in the old, proper sense) feeling to be walking
    around with no one else about, and it seemed much like one of those Will Smith
    movies where everyone had been wiped out by disease, aliens, or whatever.
    My neighbors (when leaving) had begged me to watch their houses, and I said,
    "I will, if I have time-2800 is priority #1!." There had been widespread rumors of
    gangs planning to head over and down from Houston and Dallas to loot us, while
    no one was there. I really felt kind of 'undergunned' by then, and now would want
    semis, in both hand and long guns. I never (previously) would have dreamed that I
    would have found myself in such circumstances, but THERE I WAS. I have been in
    some hairy situations since then, and expect I probably will be again, before my
    time on earth is o'er.
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  2. Windwalker

    Windwalker New Member

    Beau, you were undergunned. Glad nothing happened in your area. In an emergency situation like that, you have to use what you have on hand. Bet you now own semi's in both long and short guns.
    I was in a tornado that hit our school during my Junior year. It blew the roof off and the windows out of the section I was in. I was lucky and received nothing but some superficial cuts from flying glass. It sure gave me respect for the power of the wind though.

  3. hogger129

    hogger129 New Member

    Worst life situation would probably be...

    Went into a dance club one night... Had a bit to drink. Saw beautiful Asian girl dancing with 6 other Asian guys. Talked to her. She took a liking to me. The asian guys didn't like that. Tried to fight me right there, got thrown out. Waited for me outside. Three of them walked up on me, one hit me in the face, I ended up punching one in the nose, he went flying about ten feet the other way. Then a bunch of people jumped in and broke it up. I got away, got in my car and went home.

    And at one of my family picnics, a tornado came down almost right on top of us. Luckily it went the other direction or I would've gotten sucked up.