Kwik Klip Conversion Kit

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    i have a Remington 700 sps stainless .270win and was wondering if anyone can tell me if i bought Kwik Klip Remington Model 700 Clip Conversion Kit if it would work on it? Cabela's -- Kwik Klip Remington Model 700 Clip Conversion Kit

    it doesnt say that it wont work for sps but it does not say it will either.
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    Possibly will work in SPS stock but not sure. Regardless, I believe the SPS stock will need to be inletted if it can fit this bottom metal conversion. I'd call Numerich Gun Parts at (845) 679-4867 and ask if it can be fit to a SPS stock. I have a Remmy with SPS stock and am using Badger Ordance bottom metal conversion for target build. The Badger Ordance bottom metal I dont beleive will fit the SPS stock. The Badger Ordance Bottom Metal is a thicker milled aluminum piece that uses AI magazines. It will fit the ADL and BDL stock with some inletting. McMillan is making a A-5 stock for my build and they are molding it for the Badger Ordance Bottom Metal. I sold the new SPS stock to a friend for $20.00 and he is going to use this stock as is.
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  3. cpttango30

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    Minor inletting required for 700 ADL? I would think it would be a little more involved than minor fitting. Seeing as an ADL has no bottom metal other than a trigger guard.