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    I purchased a Mossberg 591a1 not too long ago. It is this model HERE

    My main reasoning behind this weapon was for home defense purposes. I took the gun to my local range to get some practice in with it, and to have a little fun. I did a combination of slugs and 00 buck.

    I noticed that the recoil of the slugs was significantly more 'sharp' than that of the buckshot. After only 5 or 6 slugs, I was tender enough to not want to fire anymore.

    So I did a little research, and found this at Cabelas.

    The installation was simple enough. Just unscrew the factory butt stock, and attach the Knoxx via the same bolt.

    Went back to the range, and instantly noticed a HUGE difference. There was much less felt recoil, and my shoulder held out the entire time. Now, they advertise as "95% less felt recoil". I don't know if I'd take that to the bank, but it certainly reduces the felt recoil and makes shooting a lot more enjoyable and longer lasting.

    It is an adjustable stock, so I'm able to shorten it for fitting around tight spaces, or lengthen for trips at the range.

    My only quarrel with the Knoxx is during the dis-assembly process. In order to take down the trigger assembly, the Knoxx must be removed first. Not a major pain, but an inconvenience.

    All in all, this stock is a wonderful addition to my HD shotty, and I highly recommend everyone giving it a try with your guns as well.
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    Which model did you get, the one with Recoil Supression or without?

    I have the Spec-Ops with the Recoil Supression in the stock and in the grip on my 500 and on a Remy 870.

    The before and after felt recoil is like night and day. I had the Comp-Stock mounted on the 12ga originally, and that made a difference in felt recoil (they say 50%, but that differs with eacy person), ie- the wife could shoot it, but didn't exactly enjoy it. But when I bought the Spec-Ops stock, I put the Comp-stock on my wife's 20Ga.

    Only one she loves shooting the 12ga.:p

    For those who aren't familiar with them...

    Blackhawk - Knoxx Spec-Ops stocks

    Click on the videos tab at the bottom of the site.


  3. falseharmonix

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    I got the model with recoil supression. Like I said, I wouldnt take the "95% reduction" to the bank, but as you said the difference is night and day.

    One other addition I added was some hockey grip tape to the grip. thee plastic felt a little slippery. they could improve this with some cut grooves I think. Still, all in all, this is a great addition to my Mossy.