Know what to wear?

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  1. Poink88

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    Okay the SHTF and you have to bug out, you have your BOB ready (as it is as you read this post) and just have a few minutes to change.

    Additional scenario consideration: For the mean time, you have your vehicle but there is a big possibility that you might have to ditch it down the road.

    Of all the choices you have now, do you know what to wear (as well as each of your family)?

    - Hat?
    - Shirt?
    - Jacket?
    - Under pants?
    - Shorts/pants?
    - Belt?
    - Socks?
    - Shoes/boots?
    - Things to carry in your person (not in your BOB)?
    -- firearm
    -- ammo
    -- knife
    -- water/canteen
    -- food
    -- meds
    -- cordage
    -- tools...
    -- etc.

    Have you considered; comfort, size, durability, color, local weather, terrain, etc.?

    Please discuss... :)
  2. trip286

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    My BOB is packed with everything I need on my person for a week, except water but I have at least 2 days worth of that along with purification tablets. If I'm able to wash clothes and scrounge wild game/scavenge canned goods, I can stretch that much further.

    As far as what clothing to put on my back right then and there, almost all of my clothing is in neutral or dark colors, so chances are the only thing I would need to change is footwear. I normally wear sneakers and I would put on my boots if I had a chance. There are light jackets in the BOB's, but I may would grab a heavier coat if time and the situation permitted. My BOB's are packed with extra ammo (even my son's BOB, just to spread the load) and extra cutting tools (vintage Buck knife and small hatchet in my wife's, small saw and wire cutters in son's, machete and bolt cutters in mine), and a full load of the other equipment at the bottom of your list.

  3. bkt

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    Short answer, yes, I think so. I have clothes ready to go for whatever the season is and I have season-appropriate clothes packed in the BOBs also. Food, water (and water purification), shelter, medical, fire and navigation are covered in the BOB and defense is also covered (not in the BOB, though).

    To be honest, I don't really see a scenario where I have absolutely no time...where I have to grab my bag and leave immediately with no time to think about anything other than getting away from home. If that did happen, I have multiple bug-out locations that are stocked.

    If I had 10 minutes, I could clean out the safe (important paperwork, bullion), get the generator and several 5 gallon containers of gas into the vehicle, grab some other supplies and maybe try to contact someone to give a heads-up.

    It just occurred to me - my dog could use a BOB for food, flea/tic treatment, etc.
  4. MrMosin

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    I got a simple answer for ya, I will wear whatever clothes i have on at the time. I only wear the heavy duty carhartt stuff, and those last longer than you can fit into them for me at least. Plus i alwyas have some spare clothes in the pickup. I will either carry or sling my rifle and have my pack on my back with 400 extra 7.62x54R rounds, puls the 2 belt pouches i have, and wiht loose bullets instead of stripper clips, they can carry about 40-50 rounds each.
  5. TLuker

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    Yes, But

    I know exactly what I would grab and where it is, but I would probably be in trouble something bad happened while I was at work. I'm guessing slacks wouldn't hold up very well? Good thread, it's something for me to keep in mind.
  6. Caoimhin

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    My jacket with my captains bars and Badge would be my best start, no explaining my side arms and long gun to authorities. 99% of the time I'm in tactical pants and boots. We keep boots and jackets in the vehicle for everyone just in case we have a last minute need to go to the mountains or out in the desert. We may be in town and I need to drop the family off at a safe location so I can over see an incident. I have 7 watch caps and at least 30 pair of gloves in the vehicle also and were not counting the box of Nitrile. Just don't go driving around in your pajamas because you never know when something will happen. With proper planning your next incident will be a minor inconvenience. My sisters had a flat tire at 0300 on the freeway driving thru Detroit this past Wednesday night. The auto club refused to come out because the area they were in was too dangerous. I had given the older one a Colt model 10 for a birthday gift a few years ago with a box of social worker ammo. She stood guard and the younger one changed the tire. All without incident, but they were prepared.
  7. purehavoc

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    I have a 6800 CI pack that is always packed with dry goods, MSR miniworks water treatment filter, attached tent ,flashlight , zero bag ,dry duck rain gear ,small first aid kit, knife and fire starting gear and one set of extra clothing .
    Its full but all I would have to do is put it on and roll , I always keep a set of clothing and shoes ready to go next to the bed, I have done this since I was on the Fire Dept many yrs ago and just continued after I got off the dept . Guns and ammo are always close by ;)