Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Discussion in 'Kentucky Gun Forum' started by FrontierTCB, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. FrontierTCB

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    Anybody going to the machine gun shoot this weekend? It runs Fri. Sat. and Sun. Oct 14, 15, & 16.

    My wife has a side business/hobby making jewelry and other decorations out of spent casings. She was somehow able to get a vendor table for the weekend so if you come by table C-13 and mention FTF I will make sure she gives you a discount if you find something you like.

    Or just drop in and say hey. The weather looks good so far. The spring shoot was miserable. Cold and rainy all three days. We still had fun though. If you've never been it is truly something you should treat yourself to at least once. ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1476153452.907093.jpg

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    I would so love to go. But, alas............