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    Many of us hunters of long have a love affair with the tool of a successful hunt; the knife.
    In our minds, we have this idea of the perfect knife that will fit our hand like a glove; that will perform surgery like a scalpel; that will not need to be sharpened ever, and will remove a cape as well as field dress and skin anything from a deer to a moose.

    In our search for the perfect blade, we accumulate many of them that are probably as good as the best knife ever made, but in our search for Nirvana we keep adding new blades and hoping to do enough hunting to test all of them on game.

    On the other hand, some hunters are not interested at all in the tool. My friend Frank that has probably field dressed at least fifty deer with the same Buck hunter knife in the last 20 years removes it from the pack once every year in hunting season to field dress a deer or two, and the blade goes back into the same pack to wait for next year’s job.
    Perhaps his father being a butcher has something to do with it. He was taught how to field dress a deer early in life, and to him it is just a necessary job that has to be performed. To others like me it is a culmination of all our efforts and should be done as elegantly and as clean and bloodless as possible and with the most effective of tools.

    I have found in my long search for the perfect blade that many of today’s knives in the market qualify as superb blades for the job. A good knife blade of 3 ½ to 4 inches will be plenty for most chores. Preferences in my case are for the drop-point blades, but I have had good service from clip points or other shapes.

    Some of us like a fancy wood or antler handle or perhaps some engraving on the blade. Those I label dress knives and are a great way to stir a conversation between fellow hunters. I am one with that type of taste and will always appear at camp with a fancy blade. The truth is that I perform all of my field dressings with a plain one that I keep hidden in my pack.

    Here is one of my fancy blades, the Browning model 122 one of one thousand, and the one that does the actual field dressing, a Buck 192 Vanguard.


    Best wishes

    Black Bear
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    I have a Browning full line Medalion limited to 3K. I just got the Marlin gut hook folder they gave with the purchase of a rim fire rifle. Very nice. I also have an Imperial survivor knife.

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    My dad taught me to skin game using a 3" Gerber drop point that had a razor edge on it. Other than cutting bone, he used that tiny knife to fully dress and butcher both deer and elk.
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    My taste in knives has changed over the years, I once thought that stainless steel was the way to go, but not anymore.
    If my knife will tarnish and rust I know I probably have a quality blade that will hold an edge.
    I was very dissapointed when Cold Steel dropped their carbon V steel and replaced it with various types of ss. I have a Recon Tanto with carbon and it seldom needs sharpening.
    I also have a Marbles Field Craft knife that dressed and skinned 3 deer this fall before it lost it's shaving edge, I doubt a stainless knife exhist that would do that.
    When I see drill bits, thread cutting taps and metal cutting saw blades, made from stainless steel I'll know they have gotten it right.
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    I butcher a ton of animals every year. It's only Feb 4th and I've already butchered a deer, 2 hogs, 20 or so squirrels, and a raccoon. So far the best knife I've ever used is a Buck Diamondback. It doesn't look like much, isn't expensive, and even Buck doesn't list it as having their better steel. I don't know how they do it, but this knife skins like no other and it doesn't take all day to sharpen. Most "good" knives won't make it halfway through a wild hog without getting dull. This one will make it through 3 or 4. To clarify, if it won't shave then it isn't sharp. It would still shave after cleaning the 270lb boar I cleaned yesterday. I've got 2 of them now and every time I see one I buy it.
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    im a case xx

    ..myself i cut my teeth on the famous casexx folding hunter,
    two blade,and will buy$ any that somebody wants to sale$:D