knight wolverine 209 50 cal

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    I would like some advise on this gun that I can't seem to find by myself. I bought it at a pawnshop and need to convert it to #11 or musket cap ignition which is the only legal priming in Idaho for hunting. I have converted to the 900023 breech plug and 1/4x28 nipples, both musket cap and #11 cap nipples. I THINK I am good to go now, but am wondering if I need to change or alter the 209 hammer from the conical pointed detonator machined into the hammer nose for use with these other caps to prevent a possible problem. Knight rifles told me I was OK, but I want to ask you guys to avoid having a ruptured cap blow gas back in my face and ruining my day. Any problems with this set-up that anyone can foresee with this, such as fired caps getting hung up in the hammer face, etc. I love the rifle, but I would have avoided it if I had thought I needed to go to this trouble to get it compliant with Idaho law. Oh well....... BTW it's an earlier Tony Knight stainless gun I believe. Ser# is S008487. Thanks.