Knifes of Alaska

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    I went to Sportsman's Warehouse for their store closing sale looking for some good buys and found a steal. They had a Knifes of Alaska Denali TrailBlazer w/Guthook D2 - Orange SureGrip on clearance for $69.99 so I quickly purchased the knife. Later that day I was looking at Cabela's and saw the same knife for $119.99. This is the first knife I have owned from this company. Anyone have any reviews or opinions on these knifes or the company?
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    I bought the Brown Bear combo set (Brown Bear cleaver, Cub Bear caping knife and a sharpening steel). They are well made and take a good edge, I used the cleaver/skinner a lot on deer (big red stag in Patagonia, not whitetails) and the Cub Bear is a practical little EDC fixed blade.

    The sharpening steel was rather useless, but I've always got my Spyderco stones handy (and a DMT diamond sharpned in my wallet). It's better than nothing, but there are better choices out there. The sheath wasn't great either, it seems like cutlery companies are cutting down their costs when it comes to sheaths. It was very neatly made, but I like thick leather! I had better ones made for each knife.

    I had to reprofile the edges a bit, but I'm a maniac and just can't leave a perfectly good knife alone. :)

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    That would be: "KNIVES OF ALASKA".

    The proper collective (plural) for knife is knives...
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    I like to cut pizza with an ulu.

    It's from Alaska.